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Friday, March 1, 2024
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Russia’s chief oncologist told what is happening with medical teams in the face of sanctions

Date: March 1, 2024 Time: 22:48:14

We have been buying CT and MRI scanners abroad for many years.

Photo: Mikhail FROLOV

After the introduction of sanctions for Russian doctors and patients, a particularly acute question arose: what will happen to high-tech medical equipment? CT and MRI scanners, devices for ultrasound, X-rays, etc., we have been buying all this abroad for many years without developing our own production facilities. What is happening now?

– In fact, our “heavy” medical equipment is mainly imported. No deliveries to date. They take her longer than before, but they do. By ordering equipment from dealers, we got it, – said Andrey Kaprin, Chief Oncologist of the Ministry of Health, Director of the National Research Center of Radiology, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, at a press conference dedicated to the results of the work of the Association of Oncologists of Russia (AOR).

It’s not easy to quickly solve the problem of import substitution in an area like high-tech medical equipment, experts say.

– Until difficult conditions arise, we generally think that we will have enough money to buy equipment, – Academician Kaprin spread his hands. – But now the Russian Academy of Sciences is working on the creation of lists of medical equipment, the production of which will take place in the first place. Then import substitution must begin.

At the same time, there is no fear that in the near future there may be a shortage of high-quality medical equipment in Russia, the chief oncologist assured. “Rather, they (Western countries. – Ed.) Are afraid that they will face serious competition. Our Chinese colleagues produce very powerful equipment and are ready to enter the market. They are already knocking on our doors.

At the same time, the sanctions have caused an increase in the cost of maintaining CT scanners and other equipment. Parts delivery is delayed. “This must be anticipated, maintenance and delivery issues must be resolved in advance. In fact, equipment downtime does not happen now. In any case, a holy place is never empty. The market is big. But we certainly need to make our own team,” the doctor emphasized.

Responding to the question from Komsomolskaya Pravda about the availability of drugs for cancer patients under current conditions, Academician Kaprin said:

– At first (after the announcement of sanctions. – Ed.) There was some panic. But to date, we have not met with the disappearance of the necessary medicines. However, it is important that patients understand that trade names should not be confused with the active ingredients of the drugs. Many of our drugs have already been replaced by generics. Their trade names are different, but the composition is the same.

Most countries in the world start from the fact that patients receive home-produced medicines free of charge, explained the oncologist. And if a person wants imported medicines, he pays for them at his own expense (except when there are no domestic analogues).

– For about four years, once a week, I answer live questions from patients from all over the country. Over the past year, there hasn’t been a single complaint that the patient hasn’t received any medication, Kaprin said.


Oncologists have the right to administer medications outside of the guidelines

If the prescribed drugs don’t help the patient, the cancer board decides to switch to a new line of chemotherapy, the chief oncologist said.

“In addition, if the patient has gone through all the treatment regimens provided for by the clinical guidelines, and this does not give a therapeutic effect, we have the right to prescribe a drug off-label, that is, outside the instructions”, Kaprin academician . explained. – For example, with certain mutations in the case of breast cancer, bladder cancer, drugs that are not intended for these localizations can work effectively. [опухоли]. Then, by decision of the medical board, we have the right to prescribe the necessary non-approved drugs. It’s very important. Therefore, I ask patients not to despair, be aware of this possibility.

From the editor: You can personally ask questions of Academician Kaprin and get answers in a weekly live broadcast on the official Telegram channel of the chief oncologist.

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