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Thursday, June 8, 2023
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Sakhalin Regional University proposed to include calligraphy lessons in the school curriculum KXan 36 Daily News

Date: June 8, 2023 Time: 11:33:04

The growing popularity of e-mail, virtual communication in instant messengers, sticker sets with printed suggestion phrases, and other similar means are gradually depriving the modern person of the opportunity to express his thoughts by writing them down with his own hands. Perhaps in the near future a handwritten letter or postcard will become a desirable acquisition … A lot of interesting things can be read on this topic in the Russian regional media.

live lines

“Many of us remember the existence of mailboxes only when we need to collect receipts to pay utility bills from there. And every time, at such moments, hope creeps into our hearts. What if a white envelope is found among the eternal paper trash? from childhood or the recent past…” This is how Tamara Popova, correspondent for Altaiskaya Pravda, began her article. And so she continued with her revelations:

“Electronic means of communication, whatever you say, is a convenient thing. I called WhatsApp briefly and to the point, attached an emoticon – everything is ready. But instead of a soul in such “letters” there are only zeros and ones of a binary code. It is a pity that people born in a new information environment are deprived of this pleasure: having received the cherished envelope, climb with your feet on the sofa, wrap yourself in a blanket and read again, taste it like caramel..weekly, according to schedule, letters arrived from my parents.Now I keep these pages, already a little touched by the yellowing of time.Lines, drawn by hand evenly and skilfully by my mother.

…How good is this smell of paper! And handwriting, behind which it is so interesting to guess the character of a person, his mood and emotions from her. Now do you understand why AP journalists are so pleased with reader mail? Stories, confessions, suggestions, opinions, requests – the lives of thousands of people who read and have not yet forgotten how to write. Thanks to you, dear ones, you can stop for a moment and calmly, pour a stronger tea and select the next selection. And rejoice in the simple and ordinary things again.

students learn to write

The professors of the Sakhalin Regional University, Professor Elena Ikonnikova and the Head of the Department of Russian Language and Literature, Alexander Smolina, have included an interesting innovation in the curriculum – an elective course in calligraphy. The goal is to teach students to write with clear and beautiful handwriting.

Surprisingly, this innovation was liked not by philology students, but by future physical education teachers. They themselves became actively involved in the process, and even recommended that this subject be included in the school curriculum. Fine motor skills have a good effect on the development of the student.

A start has already been made. The newspaper “Soviet Sakhalin” reports: as part of the project “University Saturdays”, master classes “The image of a letter” are regularly held. They gather not only third-year students, but also high school students who want to become students in the near future.

Teacher Alexandra Smolina begins the lesson with the word “mother” – she explains the connection between the shape of the letter and the content of the word. Through the topic of writing with knots, the lecture turns to Old Slavonic writing… The teacher talks about Slavic letters, the Korean folk alphabet, the feminine and masculine alphabets of Japan. And, of course, about China, where all oriental writing comes from … Having received a part of the theory, schoolchildren choose quotes from Krylov’s fables, try to rewrite them with a fountain pen. Samples of written letters are on the table.

Alexandra Smolina explains the need for “calligraphic influence” in the younger generation: “Today, schoolchildren take test texts written on a computer. The ability to write is lost, and with it an important form of communication is lost – the The epistolary genre is becoming a thing of the past, which contributes to disunity, to the notorious fragmentation of society”.

The Russian scientist, teacher Konstantin Ushinsky, reminds the teacher that he attaches great importance to calligraphy lessons. Today’s private schools successfully use his experience. “After conducting the master classes, I plan to create a special course for the university,” says Alexandra Smolina.“I talked to primary school teachers, they will be happy to attend these classes.

Letters front and back

The Parents’ Committee of the City of St. Petersburg is carrying out the action “Field Mail” in support of servicemen participating in a special military operation in Ukraine. The committee invites parents and their children to handwrite a letter or postcard to a soldier on the front lines. It should be taken to any school where a “Field Post Office” is organized.

On the pages of the Evening Peter newspaper, the organizers of the action commented on its meaning as follows: “Many fighters accept and keep messages such as talismans and amulets. After all, the main content of such letters lies in simple and such expensive words : “Be brave and return home with victory.”

A peculiar response to this post can be read in Vecherniy Chelyabinsk. At the moment, the right to send letters and packages to their home country free of charge is only given to soldiers performing military service during a special operation. It would be fair to grant that right to all combatants without exception, including volunteers, members of PMCs and employees of rear units. For this, it is necessary to adopt an adequate law, which is requested both by the combatants themselves and by their families.

The importance of the letters from home to the front line and from the front line to home cannot be underestimated. Nothing reassures loved ones like news from the front, written by the hand of a son, husband or brother.

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor is a full-time editor for ePrimefeed covering sports and movie news.

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