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Friday, March 31, 2023
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Sánchez insists that the employers sit down to negotiate a salary increase

Date: March 31, 2023 Time: 09:44:41

The leader of the PSOE, Pedro Sánchez, met this Saturday with the Federal Committee of the party to ratify the lists for the municipal and regional elections and to grease the strategy of the Socialists for the elections on May 28. In his speech before the heavyweights of the socialist party, the Prime Minister has chested the recent agreement obtained to “modernize” the pension reform, which he calls “the key to the vault of the welfare system.” In addition, the leader of the Executive has taken the opportunity to once again ask the employers to sit down with the social agents to achieve an improvement in wages, since the pension reform is a reality.

The President of the Government assures that with the agreement reached to “modernize” the pension reform, what the party intends is to rebuild “the Pact of Toledo”, to reinforce the pact between generations. Sánchez defends that “hand in hand with Brussels and with the support of the unions, we have completed the reconstruction of the Pact of Toledo following its recommendations, guaranteeing the revaluation of pensions according to the cost of living and consolidating the financial sufficiency of the system in the medium and long term”.

For the leader of the Executive, the lesson that ‘the right’ must learn is that “the best solariums are the best guarantee of better pensions tomorrow”, and for this reason “we must defend the revaluation of pensions for a dignified retirement”. Sánchez assures that when pensions are frozen “today’s pensioners lose”, and that when salaries are frozen “today’s young people lose, and tomorrow’s retirees lose”.

Sánchez has not missed the opportunity and has been proud of the figures, which in his opinion the coalition government has achieved with the labor reform that has been carried out with the social agents, the result of the “social dialogue that is creating more and better jobs.” And it is that, in his opinion, during his term, “the employment and wages of workers are being dignified.” “By the way, I once again ask the employers to sit down with the unions so that the salaries of our country can be warned and not only the benefits of the companies,” Sánchez reiterated in front of his own at the Ferraz headquarters.

Sánchez accuses Feijóo of “approaching Vox”

Sánchez has accused the leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, of “approaching Vox” with the abstention that the popular have announced in the motion of censure, compared to the position maintained by his predecessor, Pablo Casado, who “marked a clear distance with the extreme right”.

“Relations between the right and the extreme right have not been the same for a year. From the collision in the time of Casado we have gone to the collusion in the time of Feijóo.” In this way, Sánchez has referred to the change in position of the PP, which voted against the motion of censure raised by Vox more than two years ago and will abstain in which the Congress of Deputies will debate the next 21 and 22 March, also presented by Santiago Abascal’s party.

In addition, Sánchez has criticized that the PP proposes early elections as alternatives “in the midst of the hubbub and confusion of proposals, counterproposals that are leaked to the media, programs that come and go, candidates removed and put.” “Why are they so desperate to put an end to the legislature? Why is there so much impatience? What is happening so terrible that it upsets them so much? They are attacked because there is a government that governs for the majority and that does not incline before the powerful, he has affirmed.

In his opinion, one of the big changes in the current motion of no confidence compared to October 2020 is that what Feijóo has done is “get closer to Vox”. “The reason is simple: Feijóo’s project involves reissuing the coalition government with the extreme right (in Castilla y León) wherever it adds up,” he added.

But in addition, Sánchez has said that another change is that in the motion that will be debated as of Tuesday “the leader of the extreme right does not show his face and presents a candidate”, alluding to the president of Vox, Santiago Abascal, and the economist Ramón Tamames, respectively.

On the other hand, he has asked to do an exercise in “political fiction” and imagine what would have happened if the motion of no confidence in the scholarships, or the tax on benches and electricity had not been approved.

Sánchez supports the arrest warrant against Putin

The President of the Government has also dedicated a few words of encouragement to Ukraine and has shown his support for the arrest warrant issued by the International Criminal Court (ICC) against the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, under the presumption of a war crime for the Forced deportation of Ukrainian children from Ukrainian war-captured areas to Russian territory.

“No crime should go unpunished, no crime will go unpunished”, the PSOE general secretary also stated, and he also lamented that the war in Ukraine “is doubly criminal”. “First, because of its objectives, which are to crush the freedom and sovereignty of a country like Ukraine, but also because of its methods, as the TPI itself has just proclaimed,” he said, to reiterate Spain’s solidarity with The people of Ukraine.

The CFI issued the order against Putin on Friday, as well as against the Presidential Commissioner for Children’s Rights of the Russian Federation, Maria Alekseievna Lvova-Belova, for the same reasons.

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