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Monday, March 27, 2023
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Sapper from the Ministry of Emergency Situations spoke about foreign ammunition found in the LPR KXan 36 Daily News

Date: March 27, 2023 Time: 09:13:08

Rescuers from Sevastopol spent more than four months neutralizing ammunition in the liberated territory of the Lugansk People’s Republic so that peaceful life could begin in cities and towns. They worked as part of the consolidated detachment of the Russian Emergencies Ministry, which also included representatives of the Lead Center of the Russian Emergencies Ministry and the Donskoy Rescue Center. The sappers examined 186 hectares of land, found and destroyed more than 26 thousand explosive objects.

“About 70 percent of the ammunition we found there is foreign-made,” Tiselsky said. – We found NATO grenades, grenade launchers, engineering ammunition, cartridges, equipment, ammunition. There were unexploded “three axes” – shells from the American M777 155-millimeter howitzer. Our guys immediately look for the reason: why didn’t it explode?

According to him, the rescuers studied the “material” of all the items found. What kind of fuse is used, according to what principle it works. After all, the life of a sapper depends on this knowledge.

– There were also Soviet shells modernized by NATO countries. But NATO did not deliver the most modern models to Ukraine, fearing that they would fall into our hands, the detachment commander added.

The Sevastopol special squad has extensive experience in clearing ammunition during the Great Patriotic War. The Germans scattered literally every square meter of Sevastopol with shells, and the Ministry of Emergency Situations still receives calls about such finds every day.

– The liberated territories have a different specificity – modern ammunition, and for many there is no information on how to clear them, – says Tiselsky. – Therefore, we prepare before the trip, collect data, train. And learned on the spot in the work process. If in our city we find mainly air bombs and unexploded artillery shells, then in LPR engineering ammunition prevails – anti-personnel and anti-tank mines, booby traps.

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
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