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Friday, March 24, 2023
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Save money and protect yourself from cancer: the best methods to quit smoking are named

Date: March 24, 2023 Time: 09:37:53

The proportion of smokers in Russia has decreased by more than 3 times

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A recent study found that almost half of the world’s cancers could be prevented if people changed three things in their lives. These are the main factors that provoke the development of malignant tumors. And in the first place among them – smoking. “Its danger has been demonstrated especially on a large scale and convincingly. According to the WHO, tobacco use causes the development of more than a dozen types of tumors, from lung cancer to cancer of the stomach and bladder.” Okay, it’s worth finally quitting smoking. Have you tried more than once and waved your hand? Then here are some inspiring facts for you. According to Rosstat and the international GATS study in 2009, the prevalence of smoking among men and women in Russia was 69%. And now – about 21%. That is, the proportion of smokers in our country has decreased by more than 3 times! If so many people were able to quit smoking, can’t you?


This method is put in the first place by both doctors and smokers, who have gotten rid of nicotine addiction. “You have to make a firm decision that you want to quit smoking. And immediately give up cigarettes completely,” says psychiatrist Artem Gilev. He himself smoked for many years and immediately refused. “Making the smoker want to quit nicotine is the main task. Without this, all attempts to get rid of tobacco addiction are meaningless, ”the pulmonologist, MD, confirmed to KP. Andrei Belevsky.

In short, motivation and willpower are the most powerful weapons in the fight against tobacco. About how to strengthen them, science has figured this out.

– The “financial carrot” method works very well. Scientists from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine offered volunteers different ways to get rid of tobacco addiction. One group – psychological support, the other – drugs. And part of the participants promised a reward of 600 dollars for quitting smoking for 6 months. As you may have guessed, the last group showed the best results. Based on this, in everyday life, experts advise using self-reward. Calculate how much money you spend on cigarettes per year or six months. Write in a notebook or in a note on your smartphone – what you are happy to spend the saved money on. Look at the plan from time to time and get inspired.

– Health benefits. In addition to calculating the increase in the portfolio, motivation is enhanced by awareness of the benefits that quitting smoking brings to the body. The bonuses will be noticeable even with a long history of tobacco addiction! The most impressive – see below.

– “The method of the whip”. This is also an effective tactic. Studies around the world have shown that terrifying images on cigarette packs about the consequences of smoking, videos and terrifying medical data (about the threat of cancer, impotence, premature aging) help fight cravings for cigarettes. Not all of course. But in combination with the “carrot” method, it works for many.


It’s about books. The most famous is Allen Carr’s “The Easy Way to Quit Smoking”. The fact that his method helped to cope with nicotine addiction was stated by actors Anthony Hopkins and Ashton Kutcher, pop star Britney Spears. The main idea of ​​u200bu200bthe author: to quit, not to give up something important to you, but to earn and get real freedom.

Experts point out that the book was written using the methods of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and suggestion. For example, certain phrases, statements, etc. are repeated repeatedly. So the audio version could work even better.

According to doctors, this is not a panacea, but quite an effective method for some smokers.


– There are proven methods that are owned by professionals – experts in quitting smoking. Usually these are psychologists or doctors of a different profile who have been trained on special courses, Professor and pulmonologist Andrey Belevsky told KP.

The good news is that you can get this type of anti-smoking help in our country for free. In Russia there are Health Centers, where any citizen with a passport and mandatory health insurance can take the necessary tests and get an appointment with experts to quit smoking. The list of addresses of centers throughout the country is on the portal takzdorovo.ru.

You can also call the toll-free Healthy Lifestyle Line: 8-800-200-0-200. They consult, including psychiatrists, narcologists, who help in the fight against nicotine addiction.


As you know, nicotine affects the receptors in the brain and stimulates the production of dopamine, the “pleasure hormone”. Because of this, a person develops a chemical dependency on cigarettes. And in the first days after quitting, especially with a long history of smoking, withdrawal symptoms may develop: insomnia, concentration problems, hand tremors, heart palpitations. All this is not dangerous and can be endured, doctors say. However, the chances of getting loose in this state are seriously increasing. Therefore, for those who have already experienced withdrawal symptoms or feel that they cannot cope with addiction on their own, special medications may be prescribed for medical indications. To do this, you need to contact a psychiatrist or a narcologist.

Among the most effective drugs, according to scientific studies, drugs from the group of antagonists of nicotinic receptors. They block these receptors and cigarettes stop being pleasant. At the same time, the tablets smooth out the unpleasant manifestations of the “withdrawal syndrome”.

On average, pharmacological methods help to get rid of cigarettes in 1-3 months. But relapses are possible, doctors warn.


Yes, it is not a myth. Some smokers quit and gain weight. According to surveys, the fear of gaining weight is one of the main arguments that prevent quitting tobacco. Therefore, experts in getting rid of nicotine addiction advise you to make a plan: what you will do so that extra pounds do not appear. Such a program, on the one hand, creates psychological comfort that makes it easier to quit smoking. On the other hand, it really helps to maintain shape.

Experts recommend:

– Try to move more. Think of an exercise you can do whenever you feel the urge to smoke, like squats or wall pushups. Any reasonable physical activity helps reduce stress, improves mood and helps reduce weight;

– stock up on healthy calorie-free snacks: carrot sticks, celery stalks, bell peppers, sugar-free fruit;

– Eat often in small portions, chewing food slowly.


How quitting smoking affects the body

According to the World Heart Federation:

– within 2-12 weeks improves blood circulation and lung function;

– after 9 months, cough and shortness of breath decrease;

– after 1 year, the risk of cardiovascular disease is half that of smokers;

– From the age of 15, the risk of developing heart disease and stroke is the same as that of non-smokers.

Also, according to studies, quitting smoking drastically reduces the risk of many types of cancer and extends life by 8 to 10 years.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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