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Sunday, May 28, 2023
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Scandal over Pugacheva’s hit: “Gagarina sang better, but without emotion!”

Date: May 28, 2023 Time: 23:12:40

Polina Gagarina is one of the strongest vocalists on our stage.


Thirty years ago, the composer Igor Krutoy wrote the song “Love is like a dream.” A year later, it was performed by Pugacheva, in 1994. The song received the award as the hit of the decade. It was recently covered by Polina Gagarina, which caused a wave of discussion and controversy in the network. It all started after Gagarina posted a video on social networks where she sings this hit. The controversy does not subside. Many are sure that the song performed by Gagarina sounded better than the original performance of Alla Pugacheva. But not everyone agreed with this: such a heated debate broke out on the network on this topic. At the anniversary concert of her 70th birthday, Alla Pugacheva presented a hit in a new arrangement, many stars made their own version of this song. Polina Gagarina performed “Love is like a dream” with the accompaniment of the author Igor Krutoy in “Blue Light” on the channel “Russia”.

The song “Love is like a dream” in the new sound was listened to and compared with the original vocal teacher, sound producer Yulia Taravkova, and shared her professional opinion with kp.ru.

“The only thing that unites such diametrically opposed singers like Alla Pugacheva and Polina Gagarina in this song is range,” Taravkova believes. – The song has a wide range, so it was also sung only by strong artists: like Lara Fabian and Dimash. Polina is a technically skilled singer and she technically sang the song magnificently: a bit in her own way, somewhere she added her own melisma; she at the end she went up and put a bright spot. But I think that Polina’s performance of this song is too emotionally boring, here she absolutely loses to the artistic talent of Alla Pugacheva. If we listen to the performance of Alla Borisovna, then we will not find such perfectly tuned notes there, crooked in some places, on a high note in the chorus, even a little screaming, but what an emotional life of the song! With Pugacheva, each song was like a mini performance: the body, the hands, the facial expressions, the eyes worked. Alla Pugacheva is a singer who sang not with her voice, but with her soul. I would like to see on stage not just a cold and static vocalist (after all, you can listen to the radio), but a real live artist, if not singing perfectly, but capable of awakening the heart.

On Polina Gagarina’s page “VKontakte” people’s opinions were divided. Here are some statements from a heated debate, which many supported in the dispute, evaluating the performance of Polina Gagarina, comparing it with the original. Ksenia Goryainova: “Polina sang in a beautiful, impeccable voice. But Pugacheva lived through the soul of all songs. Oksana Prikhodko: “Polina plays everything with her soul and her excellent voice. Both soul and charisma are present in Gagarina’s performance. She gives me goosebumps, just from the performance of Gagarina, the only strong Russian singer now. Pugacheva sang and played her songs magnificently, for the time being, while she was young. Vera Efremkina: “Polina sang a thousand times better than Pugacheva. There is nothing to compare”. Marina Bibikova: “The song is beautifully sung, but not experienced at all. It did not touch me. But I don’t like this one, I don’t like its meaning. In vain it was chosen by Polina. Marina Cherkashina: “ Pugacheva’s performance was more eccentric, more emotional. Performed by Gagarina: beautiful, clean voices! Katerina Gudkova: “Better than the first performer. Not a forced scream, but a crystal of light. Most of the debaters agreed that Polina Gagarina successfully and in her own way covered the hit “Love, like a dream.”

Under Gagarina’s video on VKontakte, they are discussing a new version of the song Love Like a Dream.

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Gagarina’s interpretation caused a lot of controversy.

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Different points of view on the new version of the hit.

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