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Friday, July 12, 2024
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Scandal with hypnotists: Alexander Pushnoy exposed the deception of “magicians” on television

Date: July 12, 2024 Time: 17:04:54

They are trying to hypnotize Alexander Pushnoy. Photo: Rossiya TV channel

In the new episode of the television program “Amazing People” on the Rossiya TV channel, Alexander Pushnoy surprised by exposing the participants who declared themselves hypnotists.

Alexander Pushnoy with other experts of the project (Natalia Ragozina, Evgeniy Papunaishvili and Vasily Klyucharev) in each episode are surprised by the unusual abilities of the participants of “Amazing People”.

This time something happened that viewers did not expect at all: this is the first time this has happened in this television project in seven seasons. The strictest expert, TV presenter, science popularizer and musician Alexander Pushnoy said that they tried to deceive him.

It was like this: hypnotists Maxim Kotov and Grigory Gorbatko reported that they had been practicing hypnosis for more than ten years, they could hypnotize people and suggest a lot to people in this state. According to them, the ability to hypnotize is an acquired skill, like the ability to ride a bicycle. They also stated that all people can be hypnotized. We started conducting experiments by inviting volunteers from the public. After this spectacle, Pushnoy could not stand it: he went to the “magicians” and demanded that they put him under hypnosis. As expected, nothing came of it. Alexander was outraged and suggested that a couple of spectators in the audience fell asleep, as if under the placebo effect: they really believed in the abilities of hypnotists with well-hung tongues. After participating in one of the contestants’ numbers, Pushnoy exposed his deception.

Hairy and hypnotizing. Photo: Rossiya TV channel

Alexander Pushnoy explained to KP.RU why he exposed the hypnotists: “A surprising thing happened: they tried to deceive us. Well, at least I sure do. And I couldn’t stand it, I jumped out of my seat, ran out onto the stage and asked the participants to do the same thing to me that they had just done to the audience. The thing is, I can’t tolerate cheating on this show. And not because he is so honest, but because millions of people are watching us and they cannot be fooled. Therefore, our task as experts is not only to be surprised by something, but also to resist the blow, not to let ourselves or the public be fooled. When a participant declares some absolutely fantastic ability, the desire arises to conduct an experiment. So it is here. And in the end, this experiment proved otherwise and exposed his deception. Or rather, these participants put themselves out there and turned out to be incredible people only in quotes.”

In the last episode of the show “Amazing People” there were some worthy participants. Among them: prodigy lepidopterist Arina Kiseleva from Kirov, who knows more than 100 species of tropical butterflies; the only Russian horn orchestra in the world, from St. Petersburg, which performs works that are on the edge of human capabilities; tea expert with 14 years of experience Natalya Lelikova from Moscow; mnemonic technician Vladimir Mangataev from Ulan-Ude, who has a phenomenal memory; the young current champion of Russia in mental arithmetic Eva Grigoryan from Ramenskoye; artist Shokhrukh Suyunov from Tashkent, who paints portraits with both hands and feet; Mnemonic technician, 2023 World Online Memory Championship silver medalist Vishwa Rajakumar of India.

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