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Monday, July 15, 2024
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Scandal with singer Slava, Kirkorov’s diet, complications and risks: Timur Khaidarov spoke honestly about star plastic surgery

Date: July 15, 2024 Time: 05:16:51

Now you can literally hear about the plastic surgeon Timur Khaidarov on all iron, public and telegram channels.

Photo: Personal page of the hero of the post on the social network.

Now you can literally hear about the plastic surgeon Timur Khaidarov on all iron, public and telegram channels. It is he who is the author of the priests of Lyubov Uspenskaya, the Dava press, the figure of Irina Dubtsova and many other celebrity transformations. And most recently, Philip Kirkorov, who has built and rejuvenated beyond recognition, has been on his client list.

But in recent days Timur has been talked about on another occasion: the singer Slava has publicly declared that she is unhappy with the breasts that Khaidarov has made for her. It so happened that our interview almost coincided with the scandal. Therefore, we talked about everything – and about friendship with the stars, and about possible complications after operations, and about the difficult path of Timur himself, and, of course, about the hatred that the surgeon has repeatedly encountered.

“I could remove my appendix in 20 minutes”

– Timur, in a few years you have become the most talked about surgeon in show business. What’s your secret?

– What I have now is the result of continuous work 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Although at first no one believed in me. I was born in Uzbekistan, in the small industrial town of Navoi. I chose the profession, looking at my mother: she is an emergency surgeon and planned medicine. Since childhood, she told me and my brother that you need to constantly work and develop. I have a higher medical education in the specialty “General Medicine”, two years of residency in elective and emergency surgery. In my hometown, I quickly established myself and became a respected doctor. I could remove an appendix in 20 minutes and treat a hernia in 30. In general, everything was fine with me.

How did you get into the world of plastic surgery?

– I wanted to develop further and moved to Voronezh, where I got a job in a private clinic. There they offered me training as a plastic surgeon. As a result, I found a five-month course at RUDN University. Overjoyed, he informed the clinic management about this, saying that there is such an opportunity. But they refused me, explaining that he was too young (he was 27 years old) and looked like an Uzbek … They decided to send another. But I didn’t give up.

I moved to Moscow and began to actively look for a job in order to pay for an apartment and tuition, which cost 100-150 thousand rubles, very high money for me at that time. They did not take me even as a pharmacist in a pharmacy. Then my compatriots, who were in Moscow for resettlement, helped me a lot. They offered to get a hookah lounge. I had to improve myself and learn how to make hookahs. But now I understand that there is nothing terrible in this, there is no bad work, especially if it is necessary to achieve your goal. By the way, my internship took place in a restaurant near the Ukraine Hotel, and Yegor Creed and Dzhigan were the first guests. very symbolic.

Timur with his wife

Photo: Personal page of the hero of the post on the social network.

– But the hookah business didn’t catch you, did it?

– No. After studying in Moscow, I returned to Voronezh, where in just a year I became the best plastic surgeon. The fact is that there were few such doctors then, besides, they were all relaxed. I did not stay still, I studied marketing on my own and at the same time I developed a personal brand. I was actively looking for a job in Moscow, I wrote and called clinics, and again a lot of refusals. But one day a call came from Yana Laputina, the wife of one of the most famous surgeons in Moscow, Otari Gogiberidze, and the owner of the clinic. So I started working in Moscow, but for some time I did not leave the patients who remained in Voronezh. He lived in two cities. Over time, I moved to work in another clinic, since our views with Yana on some things diverged. Little by little, I began to gain recognition in the capital.

“Without Blood and Pus”

Did you meet mainly thanks to social media? You became almost the first doctor to broadcast live from the operating room…

– Yes, many surgeons, looking at me, twisted their fingers at the temple. But now, it seems to me, there is no doctor left who does not have his own blog. I wanted to show that operations can be carried out coolly, competently, without blood and pus. In addition, I demonstrated a special approach, attitude towards patients, methods, tendencies. In fact, any doctor could watch my videos and learn something.

with Kirkorov

Photo: Personal page of the hero of the post on the social network.

– Who was your first star client?

– If I’m not mistaken, Lyuba Uspenskaya or Ira Dubtsova. They both had a request for a beautiful body. We did a very good job with Lyuba. She probably became the first star who approached me on camera and said: “Here is the author of my priests.” We work with her body and breasts, she had implants for more than 17 years, we removed the contracture.

Lyubov Uspenskaya

Photo: social networks

And Irochka modeled herself as a liposuction, shortly after her breasts were reduced, which weighed her down: they removed the implants and returned her original bust.

Irina Dubtsova

Photo: social networks

On the Internet and on television, the transformation of the blogger and make-up artist Gohar Avetisyan (audience of more than 11 million on social networks) was actively discussed, with which you literally “blinded” a new figure …

Yes, but she is also the biggest: she lost more than 100 kg! And, of course, her skin sagged. She has done a lot of work for herself. We cut the skin of her arms and legs, we redistributed the volumes of her body: we rounded her buttocks, we traced her waist. Such a transformation is like cutting a diamond, when you can’t just hit it with a hammer three times. The process is long. Therefore, there were several operations and, in my opinion, at the second stage we found complications that may be in medicine. No one is safe from them.

Gohar Avetisyan

Photo: social networks

“Take the risk”

– What are the complications?

– His wound did not heal due to the characteristics of the body. I understood that she was a media personality and there might be some resonance and negativity. I remember that all the audiences wrote that she had injuries, and the “well-intentioned” doctors scared her with sepsis and the fact that she was dying. But at the same time, her account stats grew strongly in parallel. As a result, everything was cured, but I understood that history could repeat itself.

In addition to shaping the body, we gave her big round implants, just like she looked like for several years, and then she came and said, “Big breasts bother me. Let’s make a small one”. I immediately warned that this is a very complicated and dangerous operation in terms of feeding trophic tissues. In addition, he has a sloping chest, that is, the implants, roughly speaking, can roll down. As a result, he we gave special implants with polyurethane coating, which are well fixed. We took the risk and again faced complications: a small ischemia caused by a violation of the trophic supply of tissues, which I spoke about. There was a long rehabilitation: special ointments, pressure chambers , in general, a complex of actions. As a result, instead of two weeks, Gohar took two months to recover. I understood that there would be hatred, but people should know the truth. Have plastic surgery, do not go for a manicure You see, any intervention entails a number of consequences associated not only with the work of the surgeon, but also with the characteristics of the patient’s body… Unfortunately, I cannot discuss certain medical mysteries.

Photo: social networks

“He came under the influence of some people”

– By the way, about undesirable consequences. I can’t help but ask about the singer Slava, who was not satisfied with the result and she publicly stated that she “sewn her breasts badly” … What can you say about it?

– The work was done professionally. Slava herself said that she was satisfied with her booty, stomach and hands, but not with her breasts. It’s weird somehow. As for sutures, we always warn patients that the speed of their healing depends (remember Gohar’s story!) not only on the surgeon’s work, but also on the patient’s health, age, lifestyle, bad habits and much more. In addition, you must undergo a series of services aimed at healing. She also fell under the influence of some people…

“Work Your Sides”

– David Manukyan did his press. Couldn’t he inflate it himself?

– David, in fact, had problems, namely fibrosis, scarring changes in the abdominal cavity. The reason is poor quality cosmetic services. Someone advised him to go to some device, to get some injections. And all this led to the fact that the fat from him became fibrous (expanded). That is why I had to resort to the services of a plastic surgeon. In general, David has his own good athletic figure. By the way, we have planned a small second stage with him. We have modern equipment that tightens the skin very well, and we want to do some work with the sides of it.


Photo: social networks

– Dava introduced you to Philip Kirkorov?

– Yes. He came to visit David after the operation at our clinic. We examine it immediately. I immediately said that Philip, like many singers, has a muscle divergence in the abdomen. And he: “Oh, I’m afraid of operations.” And running. Then we met more than once at parties, many common acquaintances appeared. The phone rang last December. I look – Philip Kirkorov. “I need to be rescued! I can’t look in the mirror, ”said Philip. I replied: “Okay. Let’s save! And when it is necessary?” It turned out that in a week I already have a full registration, a queue, people. But Philip was adamant: “We need it now, otherwise I’ll change my mind later. I am such a person”. In general, we examined it, the tests turned out to be good. Well, we began to transform it. During the first big stage we sutured the muscles and began to draw the sports relief. Then there were two more stages. And, as you can see, it’s looking cooler and cooler.

– This is true. Will Philip have more surgeries?

– Little things. The beautician Lusine Karapetyan works closely with him. She gives him several injections. Also on a special apparatus, we pump up the muscles of him. The fact is that Felipe does not tolerate sports. But in nutrition, he limits himself. Finally, he got rid of the addiction – to drink 2-3 liters of cola per day.

– Do you communicate with Kirkorov in everyday life? I saw you and your family at his son Martín’s show.

– Yes, we are family friends and we are going to visit each other. To drink tea, PPshnyh burgers (PP – proper nutrition – ed.), To eat – my wife and I are preparing. I have a good relationship with almost all patients. Here with Yana Rudkovskaya we are also friends.

– And Yana, what order did you come with?

– We reduced her breasts and did a little body work. Now she is waiting for the second stage. We still have little flings with her, but for now it’s a secret.

Yana Rudkovskaya

Photo: social networks

“Beautiful belly for the wife”

– Did you also transform your wife Svetlana? What does she do?

– And that’s how we met – she came to me for a consultation. We did him a few favors and then we started a relationship. She was then in the process of divorce, with a small child. Now we all live together and we already have a second daughter. By the way, after the second birth, we did lipomodeling – a beautiful tummy, arms, and we also removed the sides.

– Do you give discounts to star clients?

– Happens. Also, as an exception, we can help with the queue and the date, because with us, whether you are a famous person or not, you have to wait around a year and a half or two.

– How long!

– You can call the numbers listed in my social networks, where they will tell you that an appointment for a consultation is possible only after 4-5 months, and the nearest date for a possible operation can be called at the end of 2025 and offer reserve. Then you come, we look at the volume. I decide if I take it or not. Then we pass all the tests, we confirm the date and in a year and a half we will meet with you.

– In what cases can an operation be rejected?

– First of all, if a person is not physically healthy: problems with the heart, kidneys, blood. What is the operation? I always tell my patients: “My relatives and friends need you, first, healthy and alive, and then beautiful, with flat bellies, round breasts and toned faces.

I can refuse if the requests are somehow fantastic, for example, a person wants elf ears or giant breasts … And third: I do not operate on transgender people, although I am very loyal to different communities. Everything that happens behind closed doors in your room is absolutely your business. But why promote it? I think it goes against religion, physiology, nature. I don’t want to offend anyone, but I won’t do this. At the same time, among my colleagues there are many doctors who perform this type of operation.

Timur with his wife

Photo: Personal page of the hero of the post on the social network.

“I removed the Bish lumps myself”

– Can you tell us about the latest trends in plastic surgery? What are the most requested?

– If you take the statistics, then these are rhinoplasties, there are a lot of them. Then come liposuction, mammoplasty. The faces are drawn. And there are those who just want to age beautifully, with minimal intervention.

– Timur, would you like to change something for yourself?

– Already done. Since I am Asian, I removed Bish bulges (cheek fat) for a more refined face. Also, I try to eat right and exercise. But if the time comes when I realize I can’t cope on my own, I get liposuction.

– Share your plans for the future?

– Live and develop the project. Now we have about 80 people. Surgeons, rehabilitators, cosmetologists, anesthesiologists – the team is constantly growing. There are also plans to start teaching, sharing knowledge and tips, and giving master classes. And, of course, declare yourself even more outside the countries of the former CIS. Although people from all over the world still fly to me for operations. Maybe we will do a project in the UAE, but everything has its time.


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