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Thursday, February 2, 2023
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Scientists are at a loss: Conflicting conclusions are named after the coronavirus pandemic

Date: February 2, 2023 Time: 13:39:51

Analyzing the practice of fighting covid in different countries of the world, scientists come to contradictory conclusions.


China has maintained strict anti-COVID restrictions for longer than any other country in the world. They were cancelled, and the real apocalypse began. The main explanation is the lack of herd immunity. The country followed a “zero covid” policy, ordered severe quarantines. Does this mean that any strict restrictions during an epidemic only harm, and complete freedom helps to quickly survive the outbreak?

Analyzing the practice of fighting covid in different countries of the world, scientists come to contradictory conclusions. If you try to reduce the palette of opinions and conclusions to a common denominator, the conclusions are as follows.

1. In the first stage, when a new unknown infection arrives, strict quarantines are justified. Doctors still don’t know how to treat the disease and how serious it is. The health system is lost, it is not ready for a large flow of patients. If restrictions are not introduced, hospitals will simply drown. Some people will die due to the inability to receive medical care for heart attacks, strokes, etc.

Italy has become an excellent example of the enormous mortality from covid at the beginning of the epidemic.

Spring 2020 funeral of a coronavirus victim in Bergamo, Italy.


2. According to most experts, two factors may be the reasons for easing restrictions. First: the advent of vaccines. But what is needed is mass vaccination and effective drugs. And with this problem. In our country, as in many others, people refuse to get vaccinated. In China, according to foreign data, vaccinations were weak. In any case, in the face of the current modification of the coronavirus.

By the way, it is possible that in fact Chinese drugs are not so bad: like our Sputnik, they can successfully protect against serious complications. And from this the opinion about the “bad Chinese vaccine” could be formed. In China, they massively do and did test for covid. If the result is positive, the patient enters static. And the fact that he suffers from the disease asymptomatically or in a very mild form – Europeans and Americans, shouting about the apocalypse in China, do not take this into account.

The second reason for lifting the restrictions is “light” infection strains. Today’s omicron variants are increasingly similar to common cold viruses. In such a situation, the acquisition of “natural” herd immunity no longer seems so critical when people are seriously ill. Although it should be understood that among this mass there are many elderly and weakened people, and they can still face dangerous complications.

3. When determining anti-COVID policy, it is worth considering the characteristics of specific countries and societies. So, in Sweden, where people live further apart and at the same time are very law-abiding, they found it possible to do without strict restrictions. And in the same Italy, where the inhabitants are very sociable, often gathering in large families and in companies, the beginning of the epidemic “without quarantine” gave a catastrophic mortality.

According to foreign data, Chinese vaccines have not coped with new covid strains.



The best way to get herd immunity is to get vaccinated with safe and effective vaccines, experts say. When the virus becomes less “bloody” and the disease progresses more easily, “natural” immunization can be gradually allowed, while continuing to try to protect risk groups (vaccinate them at least). But in the early stages of the epidemic, quarantines are definitely needed: their absence is fraught with an off-scale mortality rate.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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