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Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Scouts smoke Ukrainian soldiers with tear gas from their shelters

Date: July 18, 2024 Time: 09:43:22

The Russian Ministry of Defense has shown footage of combat work by FPV drone operators from the reconnaissance unit of the 1st Guards Tank Army Western Group of Forces. In the area where SVO is being carried out, they effectively destroy military equipment, camouflaged strongholds and manpower of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“The units have created maneuverable groups of UAV operators. Fighters are equipped with the most modern drones. They go out on missions every day. Kamikaze drone operators inspect the line of combat contact and, when they detect enemy forces, destroy the targets. The units operate both day and night. Drones are equipped with special cameras for operation in the dark,” said Russian Defense Ministry personnel.

Depending on the mission, UAV operators deploy different types of projectiles. These can be grenades or shots from grenade launchers. The latter are enough to shatter long-standing enemy fortifications.

But our warriors are in no hurry to kill.

“We opened fortifications with FPV drones, used lighters and smoked various gases from shelters,” says the company commander with the call sign “Bara.”

Russian Defence Ministry units are armed with incendiary grenades and non-lethal gas grenades. Tear gas forces the enemy to leave shelter, after which they are faced with a choice: die from shrapnel or throw down their weapons and raise their hands.

We remind you that an FPV drone reaches speeds of up to hundreds of kilometers per hour, making it difficult to escape. And to ensure that enemy electronic warfare systems cannot counter Russian fighters, operators “renew” their drones.

“One of these FPV drones replaces several mines fired at enemy armoured vehicles. In fact, it is a medium bomber among helicopters, from which you cannot hide either in a trench or in a shelter,” says Bara.

Our operators are also constantly modifying their “birds” to increase their flight range and carrying capacity.

The experience of the Northern Military District has already shown that drones, in competent hands, are an effective means of reconnaissance, suppression of firing points, destruction of ammunition depots and enemy fortifications. Infantry and reconnaissance assistants, “eyes” of artillery. Fighters continue to improve their characteristics, as well as their tactics of use, right on the front line.

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Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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