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Sunday, April 2, 2023
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Secrets and behind the scenes of the “Mask” show: the most daring and original hero spoke about the emergency on the set

Date: April 2, 2023 Time: 00:02:55

Yana Rudkovskaya was hiding under the mask of Fox. Photo: NTV press service.

Last Sunday, the “Mask” show lost one of the brightest and most daring heroes, who was not afraid to argue even with members of the jury headed by Philip Kirkorov. Even in the first show of the new season, while the rest of the masks flirted with the judges and tried their best to please them, Little Fox berated the jury from the stage for being slow on set, because every minute of waiting on a heavy suit was given to the participants with difficulty.

It turned out that the producer Yana Rudkovskaya, known for her high demands on herself and others, was hiding under the mask: on Sunday, February 26, Fox was exposed saying goodbye to the participant.

Launch of the “Mask” program on February 26, 2023. Photo: NTV press service.

“I am not at all offended by leaving the show at the very beginning,” Yana Rudkovskaya admitted to KP.RU. – It’s not that I’m tired, I just understand that my mission in the project is over. I thought it would be revealed after the third or fourth issue. There are many good great artists on “Mask” who are much stronger vocally than I am and deserve to go further.

The most difficult thing for the producer was the first release of the program.

“Then I almost fainted from lack of air, because before that I had been waiting for the jury and my exit backstage for 25 minutes,” Rudkovskaya said. – Also, one of the fans went off during the performance, and I suddenly realized that I was suffocating, but I had to dance. it was very hard. It is not surprising that then I found myself with the jury. They know it’s very difficult inside the costume, especially since it was the first show, I haven’t had time to get used to it yet. I think both the jury and the public will understand me. In general, after the first release, I asked myself: “Why did I decide on this?” But then I adapted, I got used to it and I think it was a great experiment.

Launch of the “Mask” program on February 26, 2023. Photo: NTV press service.

According to Yana Rudkovskaya, due to filming on the project, she had to refuse to attend the opening ceremony of the International Sports Games “Children of Asia”, where her husband and son, Evgeny and Sasha Plushenko, performed. The producer as part of the delegation was supposed to help with the organization, but due to rehearsals and filming, “Mask” remained in Moscow.

– Being a producer, I can say that I produced my game, – shared Yana Rudkovskaya. -On this release, she was originally supposed to sing the song by Alena Apina and Murat Nasyrov “These moonlit nights”, and on the next one-“Bye!” Alla Pugacheva. As a result, “Bye!” she sang now, as if she were saying goodbye to everyone. I’m glad to have been nominated.

Launch of the “Mask” program on February 26, 2023. Photo: NTV press service.

As it turned out, Rudkovskaya had her own plan for the final of the third issue.

– If the jury wanted to remove Skunk’s mask, I would ask the president to give them my vote. Fortunately, I was exposed and I just want to say that he was happy to be here. “Mask” is an exotic experiment for me, it’s great that we managed to realize it. I really like how the drama unfolds in La Máscara and how the participants hope that at any moment they can be nominated, but also at any moment they can be saved by the jury and the public. It’s an adrenaline rush! I wish all the participants only victory, and the jury members – be more loyal to the characters who have the same complex and heavy masks as mine, and do not strictly judge them, Rudkovskaya turned to her colleagues at the program.

Puck Henry
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