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Sunday, March 3, 2024
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Security forces will receive weapons to combat any KXan drone 36 Daily News

Date: March 3, 2024 Time: 19:00:42

The adoption of the bill was accelerated by the attack on the Kremlin. Remember that earlier such an unsuccessful attempt was made by Ukrainian drones – the drones were disabled, the president was not injured (and besides, he was not in the Kremlin). Be that as it may, the incident showed the need to take new legislative measures in the field of drone regulation as soon as possible, and the bill supported by deputies is only part of such measures in preparation, the State Duma promised. .

The bill proposes to expand the powers of the National Guard, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the FSB, the FSO, the SVR, the Federal Penitentiary Service and the Main Directorate of the President’s Joint Enterprise to prevent the movement of any drones (not only air, as it already works, but also soil, water, etc.). We are talking about the destruction or damage of such devices, as well as the suppression or conversion of remote control signals.

According to the deputies, which are given in the explanatory note, since the start of the special operation, 2,585 drones and 1,339 places for their launch have been found in the NVO area alone. It is also indicated that with the help of remote control signal suppression, 298 UAVs were stopped and 372 false target designations were given.

The head of the State Duma Committee on Information Policy, Alexander Khinshtein (one of the authors), expressed confidence that security forces should have the right to stop the illegal use of any drone if it threatens the life and health of people, as well as the security of the protected objects. In the conditions of the NMD and the growth of sabotage and terrorist threats, this must be done as quickly as possible, you are sure. “We need a tool that protects society from all these bacchanalia. We, of course, need to regulate the industry itself, but security issues are a priority,” the deputy said.

Khinshtein stressed that the deputies intend to strike a balance between security issues and the development of the civilian UAV industry.

His co-author, the head of the State Duma Security Committee Vasily Piskarev, is also sure that given the terrorist and sabotage aspirations of Ukraine and its Western patrons, the Russian authorities must create all conditions to protect citizens. and infrastructure from emerging threats. .

The first vice president of the commission, Ernest Valeev, for his part, explained that the law, if approved, would not become an automatic ban on the use of drones (for peaceful purposes, of course) and even more so on their invention and design.

Characteristically, on May 18, the day this bill was considered, a decree of the government of the Russian Federation entered into force, according to which the list of special equipment for departmental security, in addition to handcuffs and batons of rubber, will include “anti “drones” guns and devices to establish radio interference.


Alexei Zhuravlev, First Deputy Chairman of the Defense Committee of the State Duma (Rodina Party):

“Legislation, of course, must be adjusted to existing realities, and drones are now, of course, one of those innovations without which it is impossible to imagine, let’s say, modern military operations. Consequently, the security services also they need a base, instructions and rules with which the fight against enemy drones will be organized. Clarification of concepts and terms is a common practice, without which legislative activity is unthinkable. And in the unmanned field, this must be done practically from scratch, a couple of years ago, such equipment was usually mentioned only in highly specialized technical documentation.

State Duma Deputy Vladimir Ivanov:

“The sphere of UAVs needs to be brought under control. We see how UAVs are increasingly being used for terrorist and military purposes, dropping explosives, conducting reconnaissance, invading critical infrastructure, the homes of ordinary people with their help. Obviously, to expand the powers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the FSB, the FSO, the National Guard are a symmetrical response to the growing threat of their use Our law enforcement agencies tirelessly protect our citizens, giving them the authority and the The ability to stop the movement of drones is an appropriate and very timely measure. This is mainly a matter of our security.”

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