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Sunday, December 3, 2023
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Serial rapist guarded members of parliament: in Britain, one of the worst maniacs in the country’s history is on trial

Date: December 3, 2023 Time: 00:34:09

Former London police officer Carrick confesses to 24 rapes in court


He has already confessed to dozens of cases of rape and other sexual crimes. But there could be many more.

The attacker is 48 years old. After serving in the army, he joined the London Police in 2001. In 2009 he was transferred to the Office of Parliamentary and Diplomatic Security. The sex maniac sought out his victims on popular dating sites, most often Tinder and Badoo. He entered into confidence, after all, a policeman, a guardian of order! And then he held me captive, he brutally raped me for months.

Some were locked in a small cupboard under the stairs of their home in Hertfordshire, British television channel Sky News reports. He beat the women with a belt, forced them to clean themselves naked, relieved them, did not let them eat or sleep. He called them “fat and lazy, his slaves”, controlled them financially, isolated them from friends and family, forbade them to communicate with other men or even with their own children.

He intimidated the victims that it was useless to go to the police, no one would believe them. And he has great connections, acquaintances in the service, including Prime Minister Boris Johnson himself.

But, no matter how the rope is twisted…

In 2021, the whole of Britain was shocked by the murder of 33-year-old Sarah Everard. In the chase, she ran into the perpetrator. It turned out to be… Carrick’s colleague from the Parliamentary and Diplomatic Guard Office, Wayne Cousins, 48. Sarah was returning to a friend’s house at night. Her cousins ​​stopped her on a London street. She accused me of violating restrictions in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic, she handcuffed him, put him in a car and drove him to the nearest forest. She there she raped me, strangled him with a police belt and dumped her body in the woods. Where it was found a few days later. A massive women’s protest against police brutality began in the country. “Sarah’s disappearance under such horrific circumstances is any family’s worst nightmare. I think it’s important for Londoners to know that these types of abductions are important to Londoners. Of women on our streets are extremely rare.”

Former police officer Wayne Cousins ​​was quickly sentenced to life in prison without parole. Judge Adrian Fulford explained the ban on early release by the fact that the murder took place in the office, due to Cousins’ crime, public confidence in law enforcement in the UK was seriously undermined. Then Prime Minister Johnson also made an angry speech.

It was then that one of the victims of the Carrick rapist went to the police. She has started an investigation. It turned out that before he had already been accused 9 times of rape, domestic violence and sexual harassment. But they were never prosecuted. Law enforcement agencies did not see any official violations here. Apparently, the guard of diplomats and parliamentarians really had great connections at the top.

But against the backdrop of the Cousins ​​crime which undermined public confidence in British law enforcement, it was not possible this time to silence the Carrick case.

“We should have noticed his aggressive behavior sooner, but because we didn’t, we missed the opportunity to expel him from the ranks of our organization in time,” said Deputy Police Commissioner Barbara Gray. “We sincerely regret that the suffering of his victims could be prolonged because he continued to serve in the police ranks. We know they couldn’t report him earlier because he convinced them they wouldn’t believe them.”

“Carrick was given the responsibility to protect society, and he did the exact opposite for 17 years,” Crown Prosecution Service spokesman Jaswant Narwal said in court, because he grew bolder, believing he could get away with it. with yours in anything.

The chief inspector of the joint department to combat especially dangerous crimes, Ian Moore, who dealt with the case of a serial rapist, believes that new, not yet known victims may appear. “The details of the crimes committed by Carrick are truly shocking,” Moore was quoted as saying by the BBC. “I suspect many will be shocked and outraged by her actions, but I hope that victims and the general public are convinced that no one can be above the law, and the police will relentlessly pursue criminals who treat women in this way. way. .”

The verdict is expected in February. It is clear that it will be hard.

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