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Saturday, July 13, 2024
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Setbacks, schematosis, absence of heroes and support for Kologrivy: the underbelly of the Russian film industry is revealed

Date: July 13, 2024 Time: 20:40:49

Photo: still from the film.

At first, everyone laughed for a long time at Nikita Kologrivoy’s revelations about the reality of Russian cinema: cronyism, tearing stars out of ears, piracy. They say the boy is jealous. Then everyone got angry with Nikita Kologrivoy: they say that the boy’s cap fell off during one of his roles in “The Boy’s Word.” And now it turns out that the artist was right. In a conversation with Kinopoisk, leading Russian casting directors explained how things are in the film and series industry; KP offers selected excerpts of revelations.


Of course, no one will ever admit the facts of bribery or tacit agreements of mutual benefit, according to which the actor, the producer and the agent enter into a fictitious contract. Or the casting director quietly pushes for an actor from an agency close to him and offers him the role. In addition, the Russian Guild of Casting Directors has an agreement with a clause on the inadmissibility of corrupt practices, as well as the obligation to notify producers about a conflict of interest, that the casting director has an acting agency, for example , or represents any The actor as an agent.

“10 or 15 years ago, everyone lived on bribes,” explained casting director Margarita Lenskikh (“World Champion,” “Betrayal”). — Agents paid casting directors to approve their clients, casting directors extorted 10% to 20% of actors’ fees from agents.

It is unlikely that the situation has changed instantly and dramatically. For this to happen, it takes decades, a super professional approach of all participants in the process, a reputable institution, labor regulations and a code of ethics, as well as a general understanding that “leftist schemes” are only killing the Russian cinema. . As long as people in Russia make money not from box office receipts, but from the production of a film or TV series, nothing will change.

Currently, in the Russian film business, 85% of casting directors work for actors. These “part-time specialists” first and foremost “channel functions through their rooms.” There is also “corruption by friendship”: I have an agency and you have an agency, I will take yours and you will take mine.

“At the same time, everyone knows about those who pay bribes,” says casting director Anna Kevorkova (“Dead Lake”, “Major Thunder”), “and about various tricks and about the deliberate abandonment of actors.” And we are increasingly surprised that people do not have a basic sense of self-preservation, because all the secrets become clear.


Photo: still from the film.

No matter how the actors show that they are capable of many different things, there is a total bias in the production department. An artist may not be approved because he is “stuck” to a famous and supposedly “frozen” television series, another will be hired only for his face and type, a third, who does not have the support of a strong agent, will go. endlessly at castings until someone… one of the directors doesn’t pay attention. And casting directors complain that in Russian cinema there are only five (and not twenty-six, for example) people willing to take on the role of heroes: Alexander Petrov, Ivan Yankovsky, Yuri Borisov, Milos Bikovich, Nikita. Efremov. After the furor of the series “The Boy’s Word”, they were joined by Ruzil Minekaev, who now stars in another crime saga, “Overheard in Rybinsk.”

Photo: still from the film.

“The change of generations is very difficult, although the type of hero changes over time,” Lenskikh continued. — The hero leads the way, the plot depends on him; This is someone the public will love and turn into an idol.


Almost all casting directors, when negotiating with artists before the start of a project, try to reduce their fees to “enter” the “bank” at hand to recruit dream teams. There is no point in negotiating only with superstars – they will send you right away. On average, top actors receive 1-1.5 million rubles for 1 filming shift in Russia. Actresses – less (in Hollywood it is the same) – 600-700 thousand rubles for the most important people (Yulia Peresild, Svetlana Khodchenkova). Sometimes it reaches the point of madness: an artist anonymous by the Castroists recently asked for 8 million rubles for 1 shift. Year after year, the offers of actors in Russian cinema only grow.

“After “Cheburashka”, one player in the episode increased the rate three times, arguing that “well, you made money,” recalled casting director Tatyana Khrechkova (“House Arrest”, “Cheburashka”). I had to replace him. The actors from other cities they do not have agents and, accordingly, someone is less likely to recognize them. In addition, the volume of production has increased significantly, the preparation time has reduced, and there is no time to look for someone in remote corners of Russia. They take away those who are close.


Photo: still from the film.

Despite a series of actions by Nikita Kologrivoy, including a hail of stones against producers, directors and casting directors who have organized in the country a partial and anti-creative system for the selection of actors for the main roles, no one is going to put the actor on the banned list. Nobility and mercy have nothing to do with this. Only business. Kologrivy is exaggeration, they are opinions, he is a guarantee of interest. He builds a career on shock value and memeization. And so far it’s working.

However, there is also the other side of the coin. At a certain moment, a creative person can get carried away with diving, as happened with Alexei Panin* or Mikhail Efremov: everyone knew that they were drinking and could interrupt the filming, but everyone was forgiven for their talent.

– We knew that [Михаил Ефремов] “He drives drunk and turns a blind eye,” admitted an anonymous source. “They just loved him for the extraordinary talent of him and purely as a human being.” Nobody ever put him before a choice, like in Hollywood: if you drink, it means you won’t act in movies. He was punished by fate and justice, while others continue doing crazy things and no one reacts to it.

* recognized by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation as a foreign agent, included in the Rosfinmonitoring register of extremists and terrorists, arrested in absentia by the Gagarinsky District Court of Moscow for two months in the case of justification of terrorism ( Part 2 of Article 205.2 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).

* This website provides news content gathered from various internet sources. It is crucial to understand that we are not responsible for the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the information presented Read More

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