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Monday, March 27, 2023
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SHAMAN released “The Most Russian Hit”. The police came for the singer

Date: March 27, 2023 Time: 12:46:10

In the video, SHAMAN plays music, sitting on the front steps.

As investigators investigate whether there is extremism in the hit “I’m Russian,” SHAMAN prepares for a tour and releases new videos.

So, on March 2, a video for the song “The Most Russian Hit” was released, written for him by participants in the international competition “Avtora!” (hosted by Igor Matvienko, the final was broadcast on Channel One) by Nikolai Chebanov from the Stavropol Territory and Dilyara Khairullina from Naberezhnye Chelny.

– Absolute hit right on target – right on my heart! – the singer explained the choice of this composition. – Complete coincidence with thoughts and reflection of my inner world. From the very first verse of the composition, I realized that it just couldn’t happen and I want to share it with millions of my fans. I made my own arrangement, added some musical elements and tried to keep as much as possible that sparkle, that sincerity that Dilyara and Nikolai bring to their work.

It turns out that SHAMAN heard “The Most Russian Hit” at the “Author!” contest, But the soloist of the Gorod 312 group Aya (Svetlana Nazarenko) also liked the composition. And the companions of the eliminatory agreed that the song is more suitable for the masculine interpretation.

In the video, SHAMAN plays music, sitting on the front steps, while the heroes of the video – an athlete, a courier, an outraged pensioner – walk by, sometimes beating him. As a result, the neighbors call the police (everything is like in the life of an artist!), but instead of being detained, the team joins the “kvartirnik” at the entrance, and the complaining grandmother brings homemade cakes to employees of the Ministry of the Interior.

Photo: screenshot from the video

The authors of the song Nikolai Chebanov and Dilyara Khairullina assure that it was SHAMAN who inspired them to create the “Most Russian Hit”. The authors of the song dreamed that one day he would perform the composition, and in this they were helped by the annual international competition “Author!”, the goal of which is to find and support talented composers and poets writing in Russian.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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