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Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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“She’s having dinner with billionaires”: How does Volochkova really make a living?

Date: October 4, 2023 Time: 19:00:15

The ballerina still attracts fans with her splits.


47-year-old Anastasia Volochkova stopped shining on the big stage a long time ago, her ballet career is over. But this does not prevent the artist from living in a luxurious mansion near Moscow, and in general she leads a comfortable life. Meanwhile, the blonde has a lot of expenses.

– I have a share of expenses of at least a million rubles a month, – Anastasia Volochkova told reporters. – Just a “communal” for a country house – 60 thousand rubles a month, then two more apartments in St. Petersburg, including the apartments of my disabled father. A decent amount also goes to the life of the Pope, to the nurses who care for him. And I also have an apartment in the center of Moscow. There is also an expensive communal apartment – 20 thousand rubles. Plus the salary of my team: director, public relations, dancers. I also pay 70 thousand rubles a month to the housekeeper and the same amount to her husband, who also helps me with the housework. She is a housekeeper and a gardener in a bottle.

Real estate for 244 million rubles.

Anastasia really has a lot of real estate. In Volochkova registered: an apartment in St. Petersburg (56.8 million rubles), an apartment in Moscow (111.8 million rubles), a country house in the Krasnogorsk district of the Moscow region (21 million rubles ) and 22 (!) Apartments in Astrakhan. The latter are investments in the business project of Volochkova’s ex-husband, businessman Igor Vdovin, who once borrowed three million dollars from the artist. The husband could not give money, he paid with the Astrakhan apartments, which the ballerina is now unable to sell due to low demand on the real estate market. Because of this, the artist periodically accumulates debts for utility bills, which, however, Volochkova later pays.

All Anastasia’s property (with the exception of the Maybach car worth 13 million rubles) is estimated at more than 244 million rubles. But you have to pay for all this. And for food, and for the maintenance of the apartments, and plus the cost of the driver and other staff. Where does the artist, who has not been on tour for a long time, get the money for this?

Region Sponsors

– Everyone says, they say, Nastya earns money from her performance “Ballerina in the Circus Mirror”, where, in addition to dancers, children also take part. But, believe me, this is an unprofitable project, ”producer and director of the RU.CONCERT company Evgeny Morozov told KP. – Many years ago, Volochkova’s former employer invited me to her as a business consultant. She was still dancing at the Bolshoi Theater at that time, but she wanted to earn more. However, I can say that the gross receipts for Volochkova’s performance can be, well, a maximum of 170 thousand rubles. Cover bands make more money. Nastya has never been a box office artist, tickets for her were not bought either then or now. Even for the new performance “The dancer through the circus looking glass” tickets are distributed free of charge. Nastya does not hide this, she herself sometimes distributes these tickets on her social networks.

But even such a charitable project requires investment. The cost of one performance is 350 thousand rubles. Of these, the lion’s share goes to the salary of the ballet. Nastya has no more than two such performances a month. And the sites are small, a few small recreation centers. How do you carry out these actions? It attracts regional sponsors, – continues Evgeny Morozov. -In his youth he spun among the oligarchs, now he lives thanks to the investments of the Regions. And there people are not as pampered as in Moscow. Rich men 50-60 years old are interested in talking to the queen of splits. She is like a UFO to them. We must pay tribute to Volochkova – she knows how to negotiate with billionaires. For example, I heard that the artist more than once agreed to have dinner with the sponsors of her performances.

She herself said that the legendary “Maybach” was presented to her by a certain millionaire named Sultanbek, to whom the “matchmaker” introduced her, and she received a lot of money for this dinner to take place. As far as I know, Volochkova is asking for sponsors for her 10 million ruble productions. And I think she gets the money. Yes, she doesn’t have a huge collection of designer handbags and diamonds, but she does maintain a lot of real estate and pays staff salaries.


“I had a fight with my daughter over the apartment”

Volochkova’s 17-year-old daughter Ariadna also dreamed of becoming a ballerina, but now the girl is more drawn to painting.


In recent years, the 17-year-old daughter of Anastasia Volochkova, Ariadna, lives in the family of her father, businessman Igor Vdovin. The dancer is convinced that the first of her turns her daughter against her. Meanwhile, Vdovin has had his own life for a long time, the man is happily married to the TV presenter Elena Nikolaeva, almost a year and a half ago they had a son, Alexander.

“Arisha’s relationship with her stepmother has deteriorated, but she doesn’t want to go home to her mother,” Volochkova’s friends share with KP.

The daughter did not invite her famous mother to the prom at school. She was offended.

– She did not want to see, she was jealous of my fame and success – for God’s sake. Nothing terrible happened, – the ballerina complained. However, as the artist’s friends told Komsomolskaya Pravda, the quarrel occurred for a different reason.

– Arisha had a boyfriend, and she asked Nastya for the keys to the Moscow apartment on Petrovka, which Suleiman Kerimov had given Volochkova at one time. She said: let my boyfriend and I live there, the apartment is empty anyway. But Nastya refused her, say the ballerina’s friends.

Close artists do not exclude that when the only daughter of Volochkova turns 18, she will be able to demand one of her elite apartments from her famous mother through the court.


PR novelas: everyone benefits

– At the party of the stars they say that Volochkova sometimes accepts PR novels.

– Yes, for example, he appeared at the RU.TV awards with the young singer Nikita Keaton, – recalls Evgeny Morozov. -The dancer assured the journalists that they met in her performance. But Nikita got confused and said that they met at some kind of concert. At the same time, Volochkova vaguely noted that the guy was attractive to her as a man. In the end, everyone is fine: Nastya received a hefty fee, and the unknown singer received her moment of fame. Or as with the latest performances of “The dancer through the circus looking glass.” Her sponsor was millionaire Oleg Shadsky, who paid for the performance of his wife, “Russian Barbie” Tanya Tuzova. She sang in the play, her photo appeared on the poster. For Nastya, this is a way out, since she never had corporate parties. What will he be showing? We don’t have many ballet lovers. And she is not invited to lead the reserves, because in serious structures she is on the detention list due to her scandalous reputation. Previously, Nastya had some side income from social networks. Right now she doesn’t have special requests. Well, the maximum will earn 100 thousand rubles for one post.

– But after all, Volochkova still performs on scandalous talk shows. Maybe she is also making money there?

– Maximum 200 – 300 thousand rubles per program. And she hasn’t had many such flare-ups lately. Two or three a year. This money is not even enough to pay the staff. No, Volochkova has always been an endorsement project. At first, the oligarch Suleiman Kerimov helped her, then the father of her daughter, Igor Vdovin, supported her and paid her 3 million rubles a month. She now also has a fan base that takes her to the Maldives. She attracts rich men with her divisions. As long as the artist is slim and outwardly attractive, she will live comfortably, says producer Morozov.

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