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Saturday, March 2, 2024
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Shoigu: control of non-strategic nuclear weapons in Belarus remains in the hands of Russia

Date: March 2, 2024 Time: 05:54:49

The defense ministers of the Russian Federation and Belarus signed documents on the maintenance of non-strategic Russian nuclear weapons on the territory of the republic. Photo: Vadim Savitsky / press service of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation / TASS


“Today we stand together resisting the collective West, which is waging an essentially undeclared war against our countries,” Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu told his Belarusian counterpart Viktor Khrenin at a meeting of the Council of Defense Ministers. of the CSTO member states in Minsk.

According to the minister, NATO is literally going to fight to the last Ukrainian: “Military technical assistance to kyiv has already exceeded 65 billion US dollars. More than 2,500 foreign mercenaries participate in punitive actions and combat operations. Terrorist methods of confrontation are used, including sabotage and high-profile assassinations.

According to the head of the military department, Western countries are forcing the Kiev regime to “demonstrate tactical successes on the battlefield, inflating the country with weapons, which leads to an escalation of the conflict and prolongs it.”

In the same line, according to him, “there are supplies to Ukraine of munitions with depleted uranium, attempts at provocation and attacks on strategic objects of the Russian Federation.”


Speaking about the military-political situation in the CSTO’s collective security regions, Shoigu noted the destructive activities of the United States and its allies in creating flashpoints around the organization’s borders: “Crises and conflicts are provoked , support is provided to terrorists and extremist structures, all kinds of sanctions, threats and blackmail are applied”.

According to the minister, NATO’s military activities have taken the most aggressive direction: “The next stage of expansion of the alliance has begun. Military infrastructure is being modernized in Eastern and Central Europe, strike weapons are being deployed, and the scale and intensity of joint exercises are increasing.”

He pointed out that the Defender Europe 2023 exercises will be the largest, due to the participation in which they participate, including countries that are not part of the bloc. During such exercises, joint “nuclear missions” of NATO countries in Eastern Europe are being worked out “to develop the use of nuclear weapons delivery vehicles, as well as improve components of the US global missile defense system. “.


In response to NATO activity near Russia’s borders, Moscow and Minsk have taken serious security measures.

Today, the defense ministers of the Russian Federation and Belarus signed documents on the maintenance of non-strategic Russian nuclear weapons on the territory of the republic. They determine the procedure for keeping nuclear weapons in a special storage facility.

“In accordance with the decision of our Supreme Commanders, work has been organized to deploy non-strategic nuclear weapons of the Russian Federation on the territory of the Republic of Belarus. The Belarusian side has received the Iskander-M tactical-operational missile system, capable of using missiles not only in conventional, but also in nuclear weapons. And part of the Belarusian Su-25 aircraft has been converted for possible use of nuclear weapons. The military have received proper training,” Shoigu said at the meeting.

“Russia does not transfer nuclear weapons to Belarus; when they are deployed in the republic, the decision to use them remains with the Russian side,” Shoigu stressed.

By the way, Belarus may not become the last state where non-strategic Russian nuclear weapons will be deployed.

“In the future, additional measures can be taken to guarantee the security of the State of the Union and to respond to the political-military situation,” the minister warned.

Recall that a week ago the Russian State Duma adopted a document presented by Russian President Vladimir Putin on the denunciation of the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE).

“Now Russia will maximize weapons production and deploy these weapons wherever it pleases,” promised Dmitry Medvedev, deputy chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation.


“Afghanistan remains another hotbed of instability. The main threat comes from illegal armed groups, which significantly strengthened their positions in this country after the Taliban Islamic Movement came to power. We believe that the United States intends to use the potential of these terrorist organizations to destabilize the situation in the region,” Shoigu noted as a potential problem.

He noted that “for this purpose, the transfer of militants of controlled bandit groups from the Middle East to Afghanistan has been organized.”

“In the future, it is possible that they penetrate into neighboring countries, in particular, to commit terrorist acts,” said the Russian Defense Minister.

At the same time, Shoigu noted that this process could soon become a direct threat to the CSTO countries: “Instead of working on the revival of Afghanistan after a hasty withdrawal, the NATO countries are trying in various ways to restore its military presence in Afghanistan. the Central Asian region”.


According to Shoigu, the West is trying by all means to disrupt the settlement of the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan over Karabakh, “in order to intervene in the situation, increase its presence and discredit Russia’s peacekeeping policy.”

According to him, the main thing for the West is to “drive Russia out of the South Caucasus and not ensure the long-term security and prosperity of the region.”

“An example of this,” Shoigu said, “is the so-called civil mission of the European Union in Armenia, which includes military personnel and intelligence officers. I don’t think I need to explain what they actually do.”

Shoigu affirmed the importance of Armenia’s participation in the combat and operational training coalition activities through the CSTO.


After the official events, the Ministers of Defense of the CSTO countries in Minsk honored the memory of the soldiers of the Soviet Army, guerrillas and underground fighters at the Victory Monument in Minsk.

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