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Friday, March 24, 2023
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Short-term deposits for those who are waiting for the boom in the savings war

Date: March 24, 2023 Time: 03:33:32

Short-term deposits are cast as a very competitive financial product for investors, especially those investors interested in getting the most out of their savings in a low-risk way. In fact, they are the ace up the sleeve of those who want to make their savings profitable until the banks opt for more aggressive strategies in remuneration of deposits.

On the other hand, it is a way to increase income without losing liquidity over a very long period of time, so even if income is less than with a one-year investment, for example. In addition, they are just as safe and allow you to obtain the benefits more quickly. Therefore, it becomes an attractive investment for those who may need to have that savings in the short term.

Investors who opt for them are those who bet on a gradual increase in the returns on time deposits. Thus, in view of the announced increases in interest rates from the European Central Bank (ECB), many investors prefer to wait for financial institutions to reflect these increases and not captivate their savings for a whole year, so they can invest them when the right moment arrives. in which the interest offered by your money reaches much more succulent returns. However, this does not mean that they should have their savings stagnant while they lose value. In response to this situation, very seductive products are presented with the security of fixed terms, such as short-term deposits.

These offers are not just any other option compared to the fidelity required by long-term deposits, but have earned a very competitive position due to the remuneration conditions they offer. Just three months away, the Italian Banco Farmafactoring, which markets the Facto Account, proposes interest of 2.27% APR -compared to 2.83% of its 12-month deposit-; Next in this ranking is the digital Banco BiG, with its product ‘Gran Depósito’, an investment with interest of 2.00% for three months; for its part, Haitong is on its heels with its offer of 1.95% APR with the same term as the previous ones. Next is EBN, with its short-term option, specifically 4 months, with a remuneration of 1.50%; and the Belgian entity CKV closes the top through its three-month deposit with interest of 1.30%.

Small investors should take into account that BiG’s ‘Large Deposit’ offer allows them to invest from 500 euros, which means that it is a good product for those who do not have a large capital or do not want to link for even more than three months. . This product would generate a profit of 2.5 euros with an injection of 500 euros. In the opposite position is Facto, which allows investments of up to three million euros in its deposit, this places it as one of the few fixed-term investment vehicles that allow such high figures. The product in these conditions would mean a profit of 16,631 euros.

The money will be insured by the Deposit Guarantee Fund that corresponds to each entity (a maximum of 100,000 euros for all those that are under the umbrella of the euro zone). Specifically, Big and Haitong are covered by the FGD of Portugal; EBN for Spanish; and CKV for the Belgian fund.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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