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Friday, September 29, 2023
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Show business has been divided: why while Leps, SHAMAN and hundreds of patriotic artists support CBO, others remain silent

Date: September 29, 2023 Time: 06:05:09

Andrei Malakhov invites the heroes of the NWO, their relatives, to the studio of the daily Malakhov talk show and to the Songs from the Heart weekend project. Photo: channel “Russia”.

SHAMAN set another record. Her video for the new song “My Boy” garnered 2.5 million views in just three days. SHAMAN said: “The video was shot in the CBO area as part of my charity tour of the cities of Novorossiya.” There are many famous musicians, actors, TV presenters and other people who support the NWO – hundreds of celebrities express their patriotic position in words and deeds. But at the same time, there are many artists with a huge audience of fans who are silent on the most relevant and important topic today – at the same time they collect concert halls and host programs on entertainment channels. They have the right, but can they keep quiet?

Musicians who often perform for military personnel are Nikolai Rastorguev and SHAMAN.

Photo: social networks

Political scientist Dmitry Raevsky told KP.RU that not only cowards are silent: “I think it would be right for the ‘silent people’ to show a patriotic position with their songs and support for our heroes at the front. For example, Grigory Leps showed the position of him. Everyone knows exactly how. Nikita Dzhigurda was recently on the front line of the Russian army in the direction of Ugledar. The question is ripening: those who are silent, for whom are they silent? Who needs it and benefits? In principle, if you think about it, everyone will find the answer – more or less it is obvious. Patriotic chants and a vector of support for our soldiers and their families, including their talent, are naturally necessary. “Silence” maybe the spirit is not enough? Even Olga Buzova went to the Donbass, albeit unexpectedly. But everyone remembers.

Some are silent because they are afraid of losing real estate, accounts abroad, the possibility of traveling abroad, others simply decided to “live as they lived” … Musicians support our military in different ways: Grigory Leps, Oleg and Rodion Gazmanovs, Vladimir Presnyakov, Vadim Samoilov, Marina Devyatova, Nikolai Rastorguev, Zara, Evgeny Petrosyan, Irina Allegrova, Nikolai Baskov, Larisa Dolina, Vyacheslav Male zhik, Alexander Rozen Baum, Mikhail Turetsky, Dmitry Kharatyan and hundreds of other stars, Mosconcert artists, performed for Donbass residents, in hospitals, military units or transferred money to support military personnel.

Political scientist Dmitry Raevsky believes that it is time for the “silent” stars to express their patriotic position.

Photo: personal archive

The creation of patriotic songs gained importance. Now there are many worthy compositions. For example, the composer Maxim Fadeev is proud of the song “I’ll be sure to come back”, which he dedicated to our servicemen and their families: “Let this song ring in the heart of every soldier, in the heart of every mother, in the heart of every girl who is waiting for her boys.” They will definitely return. Necessarily”. Fadeev wrote the music and performed this composition himself. Both actors and TV presenters act and help. The silent presenters of entertainment channels justify themselves by the fact that patriotic motives do not fit into the format of the program. But on the leading federal channels they already fit. So, Andrey Malakhov not only invites the heroes of the NWO to Malakhov’s daily talk show, but also to his projects of weekend musical entertainment. In the program “Songs from the Heart”, Malakhov is often visited by residents of the Donbass and military personnel from the front line, and soldiers and officers who come on vacation, their parents or wives. The announcer Tatyana Sudets (Aunt Tanya from the program “Good Night, Children”) recently said that in the dressing room before filming the program “Songs from the Heart” she burst into tears after the soldier was sincerely glad to see her: “Oh, Aunt Tanya, pu Can I hug you?” And there are many such stories. As well as the stars supporting our military personnel.

Three national hits from July 2023, which are now the most listened to on the net

1) SHAMAN “My fight” (music and lyrics by SHAMAN)

2) Maxim Fadeev “I will definitely return” (music by Maxim Fadeev, lyrics by Mikhail Gutseriev)

3) Grigory Leps “Motherland” (music by Maxim Fadeev, lyrics by Natalya Kasimtseva and Alexander Rosenbaum)

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