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Sunday, July 14, 2024
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Showman Azamat Musagaliev laughed at his colleagues who left and explained why he refused to star in “Interns”

Date: July 14, 2024 Time: 13:21:47

Unfortunately, one of the most promising Russian forwards, Fedor Smolov, will go down in history not as a top scorer, nor as a successful foreign player, nor even as a team leader: the general public knows the charming footballer as Victoria’s ex-boyfriend. Lopyreva and the same “arched” person who left Russia without the 2018 World Cup semi-finals at home (the player missed the decisive penalty, hitting it in a relaxed and petulant manner).

At the moment, Fedor Smolov left Dynamo Moscow without fulfilling the KPIs specified in the contract and without making the club a champion (which was probably this year) and, they say, will go to Krasnodar, for which he played from 2015 to 2018 And at the same time, unlike many of his colleagues, the footballer is preparing a straw for the future: he is trying his hand at hosting an author podcast with the creative name Smol Talk. Both athletes and showmen come to visit Fedor. And the other day an episode was published with Azamat Musagaliev, the former captain of the KVN team “Kamyzyaki” and now a much-in-demand TNT presenter. “KP” offers excerpts from a conversation in which the comedian had no qualms about almost anything.


“What is the secret of fertility and why are there so many projects? You can respond with a joke: because there are fewer colleagues. In the country. But seriously, it’s just fun to me. Until I stop worrying before going on stage, I’ll keep doing this. As soon as the slight nerves disappear, you can finish. Or not even nervousness, but a kind of excitement because of the responsibility. And all this is thanks to the people who work with me – authors, screenwriters, producers – and with those people on the boat you don’t think about jumping or asking for three times more money. They just won’t understand it as a child. “I became what I became thanks to them, among other things.”


“I always dreamed of football. My creativity has become an alternative. And in Kamyzyak (Astrakhan region), where I grew up, my father immediately told me: there is not a single football official who will come to see you. And there are no such events either. I played for the school, in district and regional competitions. To shine, you had to enter the Volgar team’s boarding school and fight your way through thousands of children. My parents did not choose this path. And then there was school and university, KVN started and so on. It took longer to arrive, the dream did not come true. That is why I am now passionately investing in media football (Azamat has a media football club “FC 10” – Author).


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“In terms of experience, this is a big jump. And from the point of view of simply accepting offers for a big movie, this is unfair to colleagues and professional actors. And it’s unfair to yourself. By realizing that I am not where I should be, I am stealing time from myself, which is potentially useful to me. How was it with “Pasantes”? I played on KVN and we showed a skit about a hospital. And then I got an offer: “We saw you in a medical gown, come on, we liked it.” First I got the role of intern, then the role was rewritten and I was given the role of therapist. I’ve been acting for a year and a half. So my character is eliminated. And I understand that I have grown fond of the boys. It’s hard to disconnect. But I understood that there are talented people and there are people designated as talented. “I didn’t want to be in the second category, so I left.”

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