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Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Shura admitted that in the 90s he was homeless and lived with a prostitute.

Date: July 18, 2024 Time: 13:58:46

Shura said that he was not afraid of anything.

90s star Shura recently celebrated her 49th birthday. In honor of this, he became the hero of the new episode of the funny “Will Show.” The singer admitted that as a child he lived in a fairly rich family, so he dreamed not only of material values, but also of a pet.

“I had everything at home: food, clothes. Then I dreamed about a dog. Well, more about the apartment, the four of us lived in a one-bedroom apartment. There was money in the family, but it was impossible to prove it. The rug was on the floor, on the couch, on the wall. A wall with legs, a Zenit TV and two refrigerators, which we ran into at night. But I wanted even more,” Shura recalled.

Host Pavel Volya asked the artist about his difficult life during his move to Moscow. The future star had to literally spend the night on the street and then live with a girl of easy virtue.

“I paid for two days at the Ostankinskaya hotel and then they forgot about me. And I lived in the Botanical Garden across the street for three or four days. It’s good that there were berries. I followed my aunt, who led the excursions; she told me which berries were edible and which were not. I ate chokeberry. When I got really hungry, I approached a man who had a huge telephone, which they used to carry. I called my mom and asked her for help. They found me at night. But the adventure was fun and then I couldn’t wash my mouth out with this chokeberry for a week. Those same people placed me with Sveta, a girl of easy virtue. She had a four-bedroom apartment, one of them was mine. I lived with her for six months, then she went to work somewhere in Sochi, disappeared, and I got a Pekingese for four weeks. But I had nothing to eat,” Shura said.

Pavel Volya joked that everything the singer dreamed of as a child came true: a big apartment and a dog. Shura also told how, during performances in the ’90s, he would place a net in front of the stage so that no one would throw anything at him. “Back then people drank in establishments, not like now. They threw cans at me and once pierced my head with a lighter. “Larisa Dolina advised me to tighten the net,” the artist recalled.

Shura said that at that time he was not afraid of anything, since he was friends with everyone. He added that he didn’t get much punishment because of his appearance and that “if someone snorts, it makes my hand heavy.” However, the artist pointed out that he tried to put the aggressor in his place with words.


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