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Friday, September 29, 2023
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Singer Natalie blackened with grief after the death of her husband Alexander Rudin

Date: September 29, 2023 Time: 07:19:15

Natalie and Alexander Rudnev’s marriage lasted more than 30 years.

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The singer Natalie is going through a terrible duel. After the funeral of her husband Alexander Rudin, 53, it is impossible to look at the artist without tears. As they say, surrounded by a star, she turned black with grief. Meanwhile, the celebrity’s brother revealed Rudin’s last will.

The singer’s husband, Natalie, was found dead on July 27. Alexander Rudnev was found without signs of life on the visor of a multi-story building in Moscow. The man found his last refuge in his house in Dzerzhinsk. He was buried in the local cemetery.

Natalie is struggling with her loss. She turned black with pain and can’t hold back her tears.

Only the closest ones were present at the funeral. The singer arrived at the cemetery with her three children. The death of her father was a great blow to them. “A tragedy happened. Sasha was in a funeral home in Moscow for several days, and this morning he was taken to Dzerzhinsk,” sighs the singer’s brother Anton Minyaev.

According to him, Natalie will not stay in Dzerzhinsk. In the near future, the artist plans to return to Moscow. He also expressed the last will of the deceased.

“Natasha went on tour, she will leave. Roughly speaking, this was one of Sasha’s wills. She asked Natasha not to leave creativity in any case. My sister herself told me about this,” the website mk quotes. .ru.

Recall that Natalie and Alexander’s marriage lasted more than 30 years. “It seems to me that only very independent people can live in marriage for a long time. When everyone has their own circle of hobbies. Our work is exciting, you will not be bored. In addition, I have an interesting image – Sasha likes to see me differently .. . Then the children … Sasha, after all, never asked for heirs … Three children. I somehow convinced him. Every time he made round eyes: “Where from?” And after all, all the children They are very similar to him,” said the singer.


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