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Wednesday, April 17, 2024
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Singer Slava’s terrible scars after plastic breast surgery: a sentence, or can complications be avoided?

Date: April 17, 2024 Time: 21:08:43

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Photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

For many days, the scandal around the singer Slava and her bust has not subsided. The star complained that the surgeon Timur Khaidarov incorrectly “sewn her breasts together.” Show business was divided: some sided with Glory, others supported the surgeon. Khaidarov himself, in an interview with KP.RU, said that complications happen, and no one is immune from them, because any plastic surgery is a dangerous operation. We got acquainted with the opinion of another plastic surgeon, Otari Gogiberidze. By the way, it was his clinic that became Timur’s first metro station when he first moved to Moscow. Otari Gogiberidze told KP.RU where terrible scars come from after mammoplasty and how to get rid of them.

A scandal broke out around the Glory singer.

Photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

According to the plastic surgeon, a lot depends on the type of breast surgery: breast lift, augmentation, reduction. Each of them has its own characteristics.

“The second important point is the quality of the skin, on which healing directly depends,” Otari Gogiberidze tells KP.RU. – Many people have a thin strip for up to three months. If we look at it with magnification, we will understand that this is the scar. But what is pigmented brown or red are already microvessels that are beginning to germinate. Against this background, what we are talking about appears: “bright scars.” For sutures to heal well, minimal tension and pressure is needed. Then there will be no processes associated with malnutrition of scar tissue. Over time this process takes about 6 months at least, and for someone it takes 1.5 years. At first the scar is red, then it turns pink, and then it turns white.

Surgeon Otari Gogiberidze.

Photo: Courtesy of “KP”

The doctor also notes that the seams that pass under the chest and armpits due to tension and respiratory activity of the intercostal muscles can become wide, blurry, and sometimes give brown pigmentation.

“Before the operation, I always warn patients that after plastic surgery it is necessary to wait another year, and if the scar tissue has expanded, we remove blemishes using hardware cosmetology. You need to have patience. And the doctor, no matter how great he is, should warn: there is always a risk and the percentage of complications is present.


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