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Saturday, December 9, 2023
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Slept in a tank, cleaned out the barracks, caught a spy: how Russian stars served in the army

Date: December 9, 2023 Time: 05:31:53

Nikolaev was sad that he had to shave his mustache for the oath.

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On the eve of February 23, we tell stories from the military life of our pop stars, show business. Some musicians, years after military service, release songs written during the service and still communicate with their colleagues.

Lev Leshchenko (years of service 1961 – 1963)

Leshchenko’s service in the GDR coincided with the beginning of the Caribbean crisis.

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People’s Artist Lev Leshchenko from a military family. His father, Valeryan Andreevich, during the Great Patriotic War was the deputy chief of staff of the regiment of escort troops for special purposes, received many orders and medals, and after the war served in the Main Directorate of the KGB Border Troops, he retired as a colonel. After school, Leo twice unsuccessfully entered GITIS, got a job as a stage worker at the Bolshoi Theater, then as an assembly fitter at a factory; he then came time to join the army.

Lev Leshchenko served in the group of Soviet troops in the GDR, in tank troops. He served in the 62nd Guards Tank Regiment. Leshchenko recalled: “When the Caribbean crisis occurred in 1962, we slept for a week not in the barracks, but in tanks, inside with machine guns. And six months later, the command sent me to the song and dance ensemble of the 2nd Guards Tank Army. There, Lev sang in the quartet, solo, danced and conducted programs. They served then – 3 years in the infantry, 4 years – in the navy. After demobilization, Leshchenko entered GITIS at the musical comedy department.

Grigory Leps (years of service 1980 – 1982)

Leps says he has fond memories of the service.

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People’s Artist Grigory Leps is from Sochi. There he graduated from a music school and went to serve in the army. He served in Khabarovsk at a delicate facility: a repair plant that produced military vehicles. The company commander recalled Grigory at the beginning of his service: “Lepsveridze is fragile, thin, but he already had some kind of inner confidence in his eyes. Young children usually get lost, but he somehow clung on more firmly. There was an ensemble in the company – Grigory first played the drums, and then began to sing. They played in the afternoons at the House of Officials. The musician said: “I have very good memories of the army, normal officers, good guys who served with me. I still meet some of them when I go on tour to other cities.

The musician’s colleagues said that Leps was successfully engaged in martial arts and best of all was running cross-country, there were also plans to stay in the service for a long time. As a result, Grigory, after demobilization, went to his house in Sochi, where he immediately began to work: he sang on the dance floor of the Riviera Park and in restaurants.

Leonid Agutin (years of service 1986 – 1988)

Agutin arrested a deserter while serving at the border. In the photo, Leonid (left) with a colleague.

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Honored artist Leonid Agutin wrote the hit “Border” on the service and released it 16 years after demobilization. The artist served in the border troops, guarded the border between the Soviet Union and Finland. When the head of the unit noticed his musical abilities, Leonid was transferred to the garrison ensemble. Agutin says: “Because of the constant absence without leave, I was again sent to serve, like everyone else.” During the service, Agutin managed to distinguish himself: he detained a deserter: with a colleague and a German shepherd Ada, he checked the documents on the bus, had a warrant on the offender and found him. The musician still keeps in touch with his colleagues and says that he began to maintain excellent physical shape after the service.

Valery Syutkin (years of service 1976 – 1978)

Syutkin served aircraft and performed in an ensemble.

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The honored artist Valery Syutkin was inspired by the service, years later, for the hits: “Seven thousand above the ground”, “Pilot 12-45”, “I love girls.” Syutkin recalls the years of service with pleasure: “I ended up in the military unit of the Air Force of the Red Banner Far Eastern Military District in the city of Spassk-Dalny, which is located between Khabarovsk and Vladivostok. He became an aviation specialist. In addition to servicing aircraft, playing with the ensemble three times a week at the local Chamber of Officers, we also “double” weddings, balls and even funerals. The ensemble of the “Flight” unit thundered throughout the Primorsky Territory. Previously, Alexey Glyzin served in Polet. The drummer who worked with Syutkin now plays with Vladimir Kuzmin; all trumpet and saxophonists also work in professional bands. The musician recalls his tasks: he was responsible for maintaining the combat readiness of the fighters’ artillery armament – an aircraft gun.

Timur Batrutdinov (service years 2000 – 2001)

Batrutdinov under oath. Since Timur’s mother and 20 friends arrived a little late, she was allowed to take the oath a second time, already in her presence.

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The Comedy Club resident graduated from the St. Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance and joined the army. Timur served in the space communications troops: “At first I was sent to serve at the unit’s headquarters. They offered to calmly inform the authorities about what was happening in the barracks. But I kindly refused the offer to bury my comrades and was transferred “closer to the ground.” But I did not lose heart”. In a couple of months, Batrutdinov organized KVN in the unit: the command noticed his acting abilities and offered to form an army team. Timur’s team won the final in the Moscow Military District: “Although we weren’t joking about footmuffs and how soldiers get by without girls, we were criticizing the military authorities. The jury was mixed. They even asked us to show our military IDs to make sure we were soldiers and not costumed actors.” . As a result, Batrutdinov and his colleagues won, and the team was rewarded with a trip to Podolsk for the Burnt by the Sun team concert. So Timur saw Mikhail Galustyan and other TV stars of the team live for the first time. In four years they will be partners in the Comedy Club.

Igor Nikolaev (years of service 1983 – 1984)

People’s Artist Igor Nikolaev (like many of his colleagues) served in the Song and Dance Ensemble of the Moscow Military District. At that time, he had already graduated from the Moscow Institute of Culture, he worked in the team of Alla Pugacheva, had already recorded the first Nikolaev hits: “Iceberg”, “Tell the Birds”. The poet and composer says that during the service there were only 2 unpleasant moments: when before the oath he had to shave his mustache and when he met the New Year’s service in the barracks, he sat alone in the red corner in front. from TV, where his songs were playing: “He had a bottle of vodka and canned food hidden. I sat down and worried that the whole country was listening to my songs, and I was here alone in the barracks. Vladimir Vinokur and David Tukhmanov also served here.

Vinokur served here in 1967: he sang in the choir, acted as an entertainer, gave concerts with a concert group in hospitals, at festive concerts on the stage of the Kremlin Palace of Congresses. He also participated in drill and combat training, cleaned the barracks, and performed other military tasks.

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