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Thursday, September 28, 2023
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Slimmed Guzeeva, rejuvenated Syabitova and new scenario: photos from the filming of the updated program “Let’s get married”

Date: September 28, 2023 Time: 10:10:58

Larisa Guzeeva will be in fashion in the new television season. The main jacket wears the most fashionable color of the summer: deep pink. Photo: Red Square Media Group.

In Moscow, on July 27, filming began on the TV show “Let’s Get Married!”. The show was not on the air on Channel One for a year and a half. We are expecting “Let’s Get Married!” on TV screens in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, the correspondent of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” incognito was among the viewers of the studio on the first day of shooting and transmits photos and some details that are still hidden.

Filming has begun.

Photo: Irina Viktorova

Everything is ready on the site: they are waiting for the presenters. The new landscape is surprising: they have become more modern and elegant. Rosa Syabitova was the first to arrive at the studio from the dressing room, it seems that the matchmaker has become younger. Maybe Rosochka did another facelift (rejuvenating cosmetic procedure, facelift)? But she barely admits it, and for such a question I can be expelled from the number of viewers …

The stage of the studio “Let’s get married!” has been updated.

Photo: Irina Viktorova

You have to take photos carefully: they can also be expelled for this. If Larisa Guzeeva saw some colleagues, while continuing to work, she leads other television projects in the First. Then, Rosa did not see the team of colleagues for a long time, during this time she managed to become a grandmother: and before the start of filming, the matchmaker proudly shows photos and videos from the phone with her one-year-old granddaughter Miroslava. “First steps!” smiles Rosa. A few minutes later, Larisa Guzeeva comes to the table in the study. Larisa has updated makeup (very suitable), a tan (she recently arrived from a Bulgarian resort) and an updated figure – she has noticeably lost weight (but it will be difficult for viewers to notice this, since the screen adds 7 kg). Larisa also looks at the photos Rosa shows. The presenters exchange news from their personal lives, more precisely, they tell each other about the achievements of children.

Larisa Guzeeva goes out to the public.

Photo: Irina Viktorova

Larisa Guzeeva says she is very happy to see everyone crying with happiness all day… Team members hug, kiss… And the “engine” begins….

The brides and grooms who came to the show are determined to create a family: they want to find a soul mate. It seems that the heroes have become more serious… The presenters are also determined: court and marry. One of the bride and groom came to the playground with friends: his cute dogs (see photo).

One of the suitors came with four-legged friends.

Photo: Irina Viktorova

“Let’s Get Married” with other entertainment shows went off the air after the start of NWO. Their time on the air was occupied by socio-political, analytical and current news programs, now they are of great interest in society. “Let’s get married” decided to return to the daytime broadcast at the request of viewers who have been writing about it on social networks for more than a year. To marry single men and women will follow, as always, Larisa Guzeeva and Rosa Syabitova. Men and women who want to start a family are invited to the program: they introduce and discover who suits whom. After transmission, people decide for themselves whether or not to continue communication. Some members form families. You can access the project by filling out a questionnaire.

The first day of shooting.

Photo: Irina Viktorova

It is symbolic that the filming of the TV project began on July 27, on the eve of the TV show’s birthday. The first episode of “Let’s Get Married” aired 15 years ago, on July 28, 2008. On July 28, 2023, Guzeeva and Syabitova (as 15 years ago) will work actively, to connect still lonely hearts.

Rosa Syabitova is the first outing after a holiday of a year and a half.

Photo: Irina Viktorova

After the end of the first episode of filming, Rosa Syabitova told kp.ru: “I really missed ‘I got married!’, my colleague Larisa, the team of Channel One. A lot has happened since the shutdown, but I’m sure our audience’s love hasn’t gone away, everyone missed the show, as I did, and looked forward to it.or return to the air.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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