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Sunday, December 3, 2023
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Slimy sema: Slepakov, who immigrated to Israel, mocks Russia and the Russians

Date: December 3, 2023 Time: 01:12:26

Semyon Slepakov


This, of course, is an ordinary coincidence that the new libel “Lullaby” by Sema Slepakov, who fled to Israel and periodically splashes saliva from his mouth in half with a yellowish-brown substance, was widely distributed. on the Internet on the day of the 85th anniversary of the birth of Vladimir Semenovich Vysotsky. But what a symbolic coincidence.

On the one hand, the greatness of a true poet, brilliant poems, the position of a citizen of the country: “I have complaints against the authorities of my country, but I am not going to discuss them with you.” On the other hand, petty and obsequious subservience in order to accumulate more publicity, earn more shekels. Semyon did not shy away from this during his life in Russia, speaking at numerous corporate parties with wealthy businessmen and officials, boldly singing his songs about corrupt officials in his face, which, however, did not stop them from continuing to steal.

“Oh, what a brave opponent,” admired the liberals in Russia. That, however, didn’t stop Slepakov from mixing in shit when he sang a song that made fun of inviting kids to rallies. Apparently, Slepakov drew the “correct” conclusions from that story: it is completely safe for you to shit on the country, the government and the people, but God forbid you touch even the edge of your party of “correct builders of Beautiful Russia from the future”.

What became especially noticeable when Sema moved to his historic homeland last fall, either because he feared partial mobilization, or because of the company – well, after all, all “his” are there – Galkin*, Grebenshchikov*, Makarevich*, Schatz*, Nevzorov * (By the way, he scolded Slepakov after the song about the rally) and the rest, and he is here. It’s a disaster!

In the new place, Semyon began to give concerts for a narrow circle of initiates of his talent (he was not very well known among the broad layers of Israelis). And he sinks deeper and deeper into the background, squeezing out jokes, with which another “fighter” Maxim Galkin is now competing *.

– I looked up Wikipedia about Ashdod. I learned that Ashdod has the highest percentage of Russian-speaking population in Israel. That’s right? Under a forced laugh, he handed over his handiwork. Just like Galkin *. – If you are against the authorities, then you are a Jew or a pi *** s! Everything else is not given! In my case, it’s a lucky coincidence!

No, as far as her coming out is concerned, it’s her own personal matter. They can even perform with a sweet couple of those unconventionally oriented people. No one will object. We already know, remembering the famous episode of those past “Mask Shows”, that “these are not ours!” But then Sema issued the most perfect standard abomination – this is his “Lullaby”, christened by him “satirical”. In the text of which, speaking on behalf of Russia, the Motherland, he mockingly sings the Russian soldiers a lulling song for a three-year-old baby.

This is not satire, but some kind of abomination, rot, stench, mucus, dance on the graves and mockery of real mothers who buried their sons-heroes. In the Third Reich, Slepakov would have received extra rations in a concentration camp for this “Lullaby”, or perhaps Goebbels would have even transferred him, like Bandera, to preferential maintenance, in a separate house. It is not surprising that there was even the official status of a “valuable Jew.” Valuable, I mean, to the Nazis.

Petty and vile revenge of a useless, but not mediocre little man (this happens, and quite often) for his own rottenness. For not being able to become a real person. This, by the way, is typical of this whole match. Calling the rest “cattle”, “little people” and “the wrong people”, this audience is actually trying to overcome the not unfounded suspicions of its own worthlessness.

And, yes, the best thing for Seme is not to go back to his old country after that. She said at the same concert in Ashdod: “I used to say“ In Israel ”, but from this year I can say“ In Israel ”.

You are slimy, Sema. So sit in your Israel and don’t yell at our country. By the way, if you say something like that about Israel, you will come to your senses very quickly. We are so patient. But our patience has its limits.

* The Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation included in the list of foreign individuals-agents


Bastrykin was instructed to open a criminal case against actor Artur Smolyaninov (more)

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