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Thursday, February 29, 2024
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“Smartphone and self-reward will help”: 5 tips for those who have to work on New Year

Date: February 29, 2024 Time: 14:15:18

Psychotherapist Petelin advised those who work on New Year’s Eve to celebrate the holiday on another day.

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Actually, it’s not that weird. Doctors, pharmacists, firefighters, employees of shopping and entertainment centers, journalists and many others will work with you on New Year’s Eve and other holidays. So at least the idea that you’re not the only one hearing the chimes in the workplace should be warm. How else to cheer up yourself and your loved ones, upset by your absence at the family table? At the request of KP, Dmitry Petelin, a psychotherapist and psychiatrist at the Sechenov University Clinic of Psychosomatic Medicine, provided advice.

1. We assign a re-celebration on another day.

– In general, it is not very useful for mental health to rejoice only in those periods and moments when it is traditionally customary to experience positive emotions. Such a union can easily become destabilized if expectations are not met. A more flexible attitude towards holidays and any other events is much better for the psyche, says the expert.

If your work shift falls on the New Year holidays, set aside another time when you can have a good time with family, friends and loved ones. Households will definitely be delighted with the offer to celebrate the New Year with them again. And if, however, the binding to the dates is so necessary, there is also the Old New Year and the Chinese.

2. More congratulations!

One of the best ways to support and lift your spirits is to connect with people who are nice to you.

– Now there are many instant messengers, communication channels. Even being at work on New Year’s Eve, you can always find time to talk or contact loved ones, congratulate and receive congratulations, chat with those whom you have not seen for a long time. Thanks to this, you will feel powerful moral support, – assures Dmitry Petelin.

3. Think self-reward.

Gifts from the family, of course. And to make the holiday feeling even brighter, even in the office, you need to think about self-reward, psychologists advise. Imagine what will please you for the New Year’s duty. A desired purchase, a trip to the cinema, theater, spa, etc. Agree, the very process of thinking is pleasant!

4. We decide how to dispose of the compensation.

There is also a support method in the Labor Code. To work on weekends or holidays, employees are entitled to double pay or time off. So you will have extra money or free time. It’s great! You can find out how to get rid of them; this will also add positive emotions.

5. Advice “in case of emergency”.

If the mood is completely depressed, the duty on New Year’s Eve turned out to be an unpleasant surprise, and you seriously violated your plans, tips “in case of an emergency” can come in handy. For those who are especially upset, consider that there are far worse situations than working on vacation. For example, in general its absence. Serious illnesses and other disasters. Of course, it’s not the most pleasant thing to think about this on New Year’s Eve. But when nothing else helps and you need to change things, the principle of “everything is known in comparison” can work effectively, psychotherapists say.


How to avoid disappointment when summing up the year

Surely in January 2022 you set goals for yourself, made plans for the year. And December 31 is customary to sum up. And here it turns out that much of what was planned did not materialize. The reasons may be different. Our country is going through serious upheavals, many things have changed. However, comparing what is planned and what is accomplished on a personal level can be daunting.

– Often, going through the wish list, we come across a loser. And the feeling of guilt in front of oneself for unjustified expectations poisons the taste of the celebration, – says the psychiatrist of the National Center for Medical Research in Psychiatry and Narcology. Vice President Ministry of Health of Serbia of the Russian Federation Alan Baev.

The expert gave advice on how to avoid negative emotions in these cases.

* Remember how many new desires and goals that were not included in the original list that arose and were fulfilled in you this year. Take note of everything that evoked strong emotions. You tasted herring ice cream for the first time, rolled down the mountain on an “ice”, met the dawn by the river.

* Now match the lists. Have you had so little new and good in the last year? Do you still feel like a failure? Of course, no!

* This website provides news content gathered from various internet sources. It is crucial to understand that we are not responsible for the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the information presented Read More

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