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Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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SMAS-lifting hardware: problems that concern everyone

Date: May 31, 2023 Time: 21:39:13

In addition, the doctor must answer your questions as clearly, clearly and accessible as possible:

– What will the procedure be like?

– How will the patient feel?

– What will the rehabilitation be like and how long will it take?

– When and what effect to expect?

After discussing all the details, the doctor offers to sign an informative consent, after which he proceeds to the procedure.

The pain of the procedure is individual, it does not depend on the doctor, but on the sensitivity and the affected area (it hurts more where there is less fiber). Ultherapy’s advantage is zero rehabilitation: no redness, no swelling, because we work on the SMAS layer, which is not under the skin. Therefore, it makes no sense to use superficial anesthesia here, and the injections will leave traces (and there will still be rehabilitation).

The procedure has a cumulative effect, which manifests itself after 14, and then after another 90, 120 days and even six months; During this time, new collagen has time to develop, which ultimately completes the lifting effect and fills in wrinkles. Be sure to take “before” photos with the doctor and come in for regular checkups (approximately every 3 months) with photo documentation to follow the dynamics and results.

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
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