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Saturday, March 2, 2024
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Smearing “chimeras”, burning “patriots”: how Russian engineers and soldiers discredited the invincibility of NATO weapons

Date: March 2, 2024 Time: 05:15:10

The Americans have been fiercely promoting and advertising their Patriot anti-aircraft missile system for over 40 years, from the time it was put into service (in 1982).


NATO members do not declare war on Moscow, but they are already suffering losses – the veil of “the best in the world” is being removed from their military equipment in Ukraine.

Here are examples.


The Americans have been fiercely promoting and advertising their Patriot anti-aircraft missile system for over 40 years, from the time it was put into service (in 1982). It has always been something like the desire of parents to marry as soon as possible with a daughter who does not know how to cook. And, I must say, the approach was successful for arms dealers from the United States, who managed to sell their product to one and a half dozen countries.

Of course! Vendors guaranteed the destruction of 95% of enemy targets. Yes, Patriot is expensive – an empty complex costs from $ 0.5 to 1 billion, and with a set of missiles – much more. After all, $4 million flies through the air with each one of them.

And so the Patriot ended up in kyiv. Naturally, the Ukrainian authorities announced the reinforced concrete defense of their capital by the NATO “umbrella”.

Well, for the sake of greater publicity for their weapons, which will shoot down all Russian missiles, the United States transferred 3 batteries of the latest Patriot PAC-3 MSE modification to cover Kiev at once. They decided not to replace the old samples; suddenly, they will not be able to cope.

What happened next, everyone already knows. Moscow accepted the challenge. And he hits the Patriot battery with a Dagger hypersonic missile. In the video of this attack, you can clearly see how the Patriot fired into the night sky over kyiv with the intensity of a machine gun. The specialists counted 32 pitches! It was the most expensive salvo in the history of air defense. But the “Dagger” covered the target.

In the morning, shares of the company that produces Patriot collapsed 7%, or about $10 billion.

Having received such a slap in the face, American and Ukrainian specialists are trying to “make up their black eye” after a fight. They say that the Patriot in Kiev is only damaged and can be repaired on the spot (although the remnants of the American air defense have already been brought to Germany, to the American Ramstein airbase, to study the destruction and think). The Russian Defense Ministry had to clarify: 5 launchers and one Patriot radar were destroyed at once.

It became clear to the world that the Russian “Kinzhal” destroyed the American anti-aircraft missile system.

In just 1 month, our air defense bombed more than 50 Bayraktars.

Photo: TASS


And how much fuss there was on the eve of the SVO around the Turkish Bayraktar attack drones when they were sold to kyiv.

Ukrainian generals rubbed their hands. And Ukrainian mothers even began to give their children the name Bayraktar.

In fairness, it must be said that at first the Bayraktar made our commanders scratch their heads: how to counter NATO drones. We begin to understand, to look for an antidote. And found! It turned out to be simple: “Bayraktar” can be dangerous only where there is no dense air defense and there is nothing to shoot down large drones.

Result: in just 1 month, our air defense bombed more than 50 Bayraktars. The lion’s share of them was due to the Pantsir anti-aircraft missile and weapons complex.

And then it turned out that large NATO attack drones are even more effectively shot down by our anti-aircraft Buk. And the advertisement for “Bayraktars”, inflated all over the world, began to fade. Having a good air defense (not like the Patriot) turned out to be more important than a flock of expensive drones (the price for 1 complex is $69 million), but not all-powerful.


The appearance on the battlefield of the American M-777 155-mm howitzers (their fighters jokingly called “Three-axes” or “Port Wines” – remember, was there such a thing in Soviet times? Three sevens?) It caused a serious state of alert in our troops. These guns caused painful problems, accurately firing at our positions from a distance of 22 or even 33 kilometers. Ukrainian commanders repeated on television cameras that “such weapons will ensure a decisive victory for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.” This problem also had to be addressed. The battlefield is always a harsh university and laboratory. First, artillery recognition was improved. New devices under the name “Penicillin” helped here. The crews of the towed M-777, after firing, tried to quickly leave the position. And our gunners had to figure out how to cover the enemy’s gun in a matter of minutes. NATO weapons turned out to be “capricious” – it is worth a fragment to get into a hinged device, wasted type. Shooting is useless. Russian Lancet kamikaze drones were also involved in the same task. And he left! On other days, it was possible to deactivate up to 10 port wines. What’s up today? Of the 180 “Three Axes” delivered to Ukraine, half have already been destroyed or sent for repair.

NATO weapons turned out to be “capricious” – it is worth a fragment to get into a hinged device, wasted type. Shooting is useless.



When these American Multiple Launch Rocket Systems (MLRS) appeared on the battlefield, it was not easy for our air defenses to shoot down their shells. This was due to the fact that they fly at high altitudes and have poor visibility. The complexity of the destruction of such ammunition is that it is necessary to hit its warhead. The projectile itself is just a pipe with a motor, which hits and can only change its course. And the range of American missiles is up to 80 kilometers. And precision is serious – aiming at the target using GPS.

At the initial stage, Russian air defense specialists did not understand how to deal with HIMARS.

But chance helped. An installation “Chimera” (as the soldiers called this weapon) was captured as a trophy. Also, an undamaged HIMARS missile fell into the hands of our army, which was handed over to one of the Russian research institutes. It is likely that having thoroughly studied both the launcher and the rocket, our engineers were able to find an antidote. Now Chimera shells have become a “common target”. A rare report from the Russian Defense Ministry dispenses with reports about the upcoming destruction of HIMARS.

Tamed “Chimera”.


And with what a fury, kyiv first used the British-French Storm Shadow cruise missiles. The target was Lugansk. Then it became known about the launch of another Storm Shadow missile, and again at Lugansk, but Russian air defense systems shot it down. This was done by the Russian Buk-M3. The same one who was the first to destroy the Hymers shells.

London has confirmed the transfer of Storm Shadow stealthy cruise missiles to kyiv. As British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace announced, “this will allow Ukraine to push back Russian forces.”

The range of the missiles transferred to kyiv is 250-300 kilometers. And their power and speed make them look like the Russian Caliber.

Stealth Storm Shadow is achieved by low flight that wraps around the terrain. And its infrared head matches the image of the target with the one set at launch for a more accurate hit. All this is now taken into account by our air defense specialists.


And how much noise was around the American anti-tank systems (ATGM) “Javelin”! The Ukrainians promised to “shoot down” hundreds of Russian tanks with them. And then it turned out that in fog, rain or snow, these anti-tank systems are useless. Bad vision of the target. And you can’t ask for perfect weather. But that’s more! The Ukrainian Armed Forces cursed Javelins because they have a “peculiarity”: the missile’s homing head requires special preparation to fire. And this takes time. But the Ukrainian military’s biggest disappointment is different: once the complex’s operator spots a Russian tank and glides over it with a laser homing beam, like a combat vehicle, and realizes it’s in sight, he is instantly engulfed in a cloud of aerosol and it is almost useless to shoot…


When shall we roll up the leopards’ tails?

The destruction of NATO weapons supplied to kyiv seriously affects its “image” on the world market. And not only anti-aircraft guns and howitzers. It’s no secret that Elon Musk’s satellites provided the Armed Forces with communications information and space intelligence. And then suddenly the billionaire began to complain that his comrades from Donbass had become deaf and blind. And he suggested that these were “tricks” of Russian electronic warfare (EW) systems. The assumption was true. It is also true that our electronic warfare is preventing high-precision US Excaliber shells from hitting their targets.

Our army first “adapts” to the fight against the NATO team.

Right now, German Leopard tanks are waiting on the battlefield. NATO praises them. And this even more “turns on” our fighters who want to “twist the tails of iron beasts” with fascist crosses (and the Armed Forces of Ukraine do not hesitate to paint them on the towers of their equipment).

Who will buy them later, even wondering?

And if this is the case, then Western weapons in themselves are of course not bad. In some ways it is better than ours, and in some ways it is worse. In any case, he was brought to the Ukraine to kill Russians. This must be remembered. And take it seriously. Only then can it be mocked, dominated, broken.

What the Russian troops are doing.


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