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Saturday, February 24, 2024
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So you can avoid the most common fines and sanctions from the Treasury

Date: February 24, 2024 Time: 22:14:27

From the Tax Agency they issue fines that are repeated year after year and that, therefore, can be learned from them so that it does not happen again. In this way, if you intend to comply with tax obligations, it is essential to be up to date with the Public Administration so as not to make mistakes in the Income statement, omit income or assets or lack of collaboration with the tax inspectorate.

For its part, in Spain, non-compliance with tax regulations can lead to sanctions for those citizens who do not comply with them. Likewise, it is convenient to take into account some basic advice, it is important that you keep your accounting up to date and with a minimum control, as well as well-ordered and identified documentation.

Next, the most common Treasury fines imposed in Spain will be named, accompanied by the key information to avoid tax non-compliance. However, there is also the option of going to professionals who can lend a hand in processing your statement.

The most frequent fines of the Treasury

The fines can be the result of errors in the tax declaration, omission of income or assets, lack of collaboration with the tax inspection, among other situations.

1. Do not proceed to make the declaration. The most logical sanctions and with the greatest number of cases are those in which citizens do not declare their income annually or their quarterly VAT in the case of being self-employed.

2. Delays in the declaration: The deadlines for making the declaration are clear. If we exceed, a supplementary statement can be made. However, this delay will incur a fine of €200 and interest of 3.5% for delay.

3. Do not pay debts: For many taxpayers, the statement comes out to pay. That is why making the payment of the negative amount resulting from the declaration is essential. One of the most common fines from the Treasury is also explained for this reason.

4. Tax benefits: When requesting bonuses or advantages in tax matters, we must be sure that we are real beneficiaries according to requirements.

5. Domicile: Another of the most frequent reasons for a sanction in this context is indicating the tax domicile incorrectly in the declaration. Be careful with this point.

6. False expense invoices: In the case of declaring company expenses, the Treasury will be aware that these expenses are real and are not consciously inflated.

7. Do not make invoices: Billing is an essential requirement in taxation. Not proceeding with their processing or identifying them in an erroneous way will also have consequences.

8. Using a third person as a figurehead: Another sanction considered very serious by the Tax Agency.

How much can the infringement cost me?

The calculation of penalties for tax violations is based on different factors established by tax regulations. The Tax Agency uses a differentiation system for fines, taking into account elements such as the seriousness of the offence, the taxpayer’s conduct, the amount defrauded and other relevant criteria.

Sanctions from the Tax Agency are classified into three types: Mild, serious and very serious.

• Light tax fines: They imply a penalty of up to €3,000, alluding to a 50% fine of the undeclared amount.

• Grave tax fines: More than €3,000 without concealment. 100% fine of the undeclared amount.

• Very serious tax fines: Here we would talk about a total of 150% fine of the amount not declared.

In the case of the so-called “very serious”, there would be the aggravating circumstance of carrying out a clear and flagrant concealment. You can suspect a crime if the amount defrauded is greater than 120,000 euros.

How can I avoid being multiplied?

In order not to receive any sanction from the Public Administration, it is important to apply some advice. Among them, the most important is that you keep your accounting up to date and with minimal control, as well as taking special care with your documentation, that it is well ordered and identified.

In the same way, it should be noted that the deadlines are important, the dates that the Treasury marks are of vital importance since late documentation can entail a penalty in some cases. From there, under any circumstance of doubt, it is advisable to go to professionals who can lend a hand in processing your declaration. Thus monitoring all the data and references indicated in the document.

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