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Monday, March 4, 2024
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Sobchak – 20 million rubles, and Stas Mikhailov – three times less: how much money the stars earned on real estate in Dubai

Date: March 4, 2024 Time: 02:04:16

Ksenia Sobchak’s apartment has risen in price by 20 million rubles in a year

Photo: Mikhail FROLOV

“Dubai is a city for people who can dream!” say the advertising slogans of real estate agencies and tour operators. But what else can you dream of in a city where expensive foreign cars race one after another on perfectly smooth roads past air-conditioned stops? About money! So, most likely, Russian stars think, massively investing in luxury real estate abroad. When asked about moving from Russia, many of them are quick to answer with a smile: “No, what are you? I am not buying a country house, but simply investing profitably”.

Komsomolskaya Pravda decided to look into their wallets and find out whether it is really profitable to buy real estate in Dubai, and how much Ksenia Sobchak, Alexander Revva, Stas Mikhailov and other celebrities can earn on their elite apartments.


A year ago, the TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak became the owner of a luxurious apartment in Dubai, happy or not very happy – it is not for us to decide. A 120 square meter apartment in the premium residential complex St. Regis Residences. The very heart of Dubai! Two bedrooms, Burj Khalifa view. Dubai Mall, opera, park, fountains, one might say, in the courtyard. These are not damning grandmothers at the entrance, a playground and the subway next to you, but they are not bad either. If you wish, you cannot leave the LCD screen for years: inside there are restaurants, a spa center, a gym and play spaces for children.

Ksenia Sobchak became the owner of a luxury apartment PHOTO: social networks

For all this beauty, according to realtors, in the recent 2022, the Russian diva gave about 60 million rubles. Ksenia Sobchak herself, as you know, lives in Russia permanently, although she actively advertises on social networks foreign education for children, real estate and business in Dubai and other “foreign” things. But, as KP found out, this does not at all prevent him from making money on an apartment.

– Now the average price for this apartment is 83-84 million rubles. It has grown by 20 million rubles, this can be called passive income. If this property is rented, you can get about 5 million rubles a year. But it’s not a very good investment. These expensive apartments are bought rather because they simply like it, that is, in order to live there themselves. It is quite difficult to sell it later, Dmitry Sibilev, the founder of one of Dubai’s real estate agencies, told Komsomolskaya Pravda.

Real estate agents have the same opinion about other star apartments. So, Alexander Revva bought an apartment in the Address Beach Residences skyscraper, which, for a minute, is listed in the Guinness Book of Records. The 77-storey building is located in an elite area, and on its roof there is a 560-square-meter pool. About a year ago, such an apartment cost the star more than 100 million rubles.

Revva bought an apartment in a house from the Guinness Book of Records

Photo: Vladimir VELENGURIN

– The average price of this apartment is now 150 million rubles. For the year of rent, you can earn about 7.5 million rubles, – notes the expert.


Another of Dubai’s frequent visitors, Stas Mikhailov, did not waste time on trifles – he bought several two-room apartments in “paradise” at once (according to rumors, more than three). All of them are located in The Palm Tower complex.

– The cost of one such apartment is now about 94 million rubles. In a year, you can earn more than 5 million by renting it. Many people buy property in Dubai for this purpose. If you buy an apartment for the same price, for example, in Moscow or St. Petersburg, you will earn at least three times less for rent, Dmitry Sibilev assures.

But renting a house is not an easy task. Here you have to fork out for both cleaning and the services of a real estate agent who will take care of your property and actually rent it out. The second option (for the lazy) is resale. But it turns out that getting rid of such luxurious apartments is not so easy.

Stas Mikhailov acquired several apartments at once

Photo: Daniil OPARIN

– This is already secondary housing and at the same time quite expensive. Houses are now being built nearby, which will have better content and will soon exceed the price of the old ones. For investments, it is better to buy what is cheap – this is the “budget” or “comfort” segment. Such apartments are growing very well in price, so they are bought almost blindly. As a rule, they do not live in them, they earn money by reselling them. Therefore, it is more profitable to invest in houses that are still under construction. They will be newer and more advantageous in terms of content than what these stars bought, – explains Dmitry.

In such expensive houses, which are preferred by Russian stars, the price is often not justified. Only panoramic windows with a view of the bay or an ideal layout can save the situation during the sale, so that another equally rich man will gasp and buy a “cottage” for hundreds of millions.

– The more expensive the object, the less buyers, because for such a price the requests are higher, – adds the founder of a local real estate agency.


Why Dubai?

However, one cannot forbid living beautifully. Thus, the blogger Alexandra Mitroshina has long managed to establish herself in Dubai. The girl herself bought more modest housing – an apartment of 50 square meters for more than 20 million rubles. Waiting for her to complete the cozy nest of her and Ksenia Borodina. For the same price, she bought an apartment in a more modest area of ​​downtown Dubai. Residence in the Emirates (which can be obtained through the purchase of real estate worth at least 15 million rubles – approx. Ed.) Also bragged blogger Elena Blinovskaya, who was recently arrested for tax evasion. Singer Yegor Creed once bragged about the same thing. The question arises: is it smeared with honey there?

Russian stars are drawn to foreign shores PHOTO: social networks

– Dubai has a development program for 20 years ahead. Real estate right now is only going to go up in price, and quickly. This gives confidence in the investment. Moreover, such apartments can always be sold, having received the money immediately in cash. Taking them to any other country is not a problem at all, says Dmitry Sibilev. – Now there are a lot of Russians in this city, there are even separate Russian-speaking areas. You feel at home.


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The lawyer explained to kp.ru why Borodina, Sobchak and Revva had apartments in an expensive resort (more information).

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