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Tuesday, March 28, 2023
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Solidarity Russians have raised more than 4 billion rubles to help special operations soldiers and civilians in new regions.

Date: March 28, 2023 Time: 09:09:15

Each shipment of equipment and things to the NWO zone is a party for the volunteers.

Photo: RIA Novosti

In June 2022, the All-Russian Popular Front project “Everything for Victory!” was launched in Russia. He made it possible for all Russians to participate in helping the military by making a transfer. At the moment, more than 4.2 billion rubles have been collected.

All the money raised was used to buy really necessary things in the special operations zone. The activists consulted with the leadership of all the units to provide them with the most necessary.

In particular, the money went towards the purchase of warm clothing, ammunition and equipment for military personnel. The project is greatly assisted by war correspondents, journalists, and bloggers who announce and then monitor rates for specific units or orphanages.

For example, a collection overseen by pranksters Vovan and Lexus was recently shut down. Over 10 million rubles were raised in support of the LPR 2nd Army Corps. With this money, the Popular Front bought communication equipment: radio stations, repeaters, chargers, antennas, batteries, consumable equipment, all in accordance with the wishes of the corps command.

Funds were raised in December for equipment for military hospitals and gifts for doctors and soldiers.

– A deep bow for being in the same ranks as the country’s heroes. With those who are in front, with those who are now standing in front of you and providing medical assistance to the soldiers, – the commander of the airmobile medical detachment with the call sign “Kavkaz” thanked the representatives of the mission of the Popular Front .

Another important meeting was launched by the military commander of Komsomolskaya Pravda, Alexander Kots: the new unit of the 2nd Army Corps of the LPR needs chainsaws, generators, belly stoves, communication equipment, winter uniforms, bulletproof vests, all-terrain vehicles . It can help to acquire these important things at this time.

Humanitarian aid is sent to the front in whole trains.

Photo: RIA Novosti


The ONF started working on the territory of the LPR and DPR in February last year.

Activists helped civilians, brought drinking water and food, medicine. Action “All for victory!” was launched in order to optimize all the work. According to the ONF, on average, Russians invest about three thousand rubles, many periodically transfer funds. Likewise, with the money raised, hundreds of tons of humanitarian aid were sent to residents of new regions of the country.


Mikhail Kuznetsov.

Head of the Central Executive Committee of the ONF Mikhail Kuznetsov:

– Since the summer of 2022, the Popular Front has been able to raise 4.2 billion rubles as part of the project “Everything for Victory!” intended to support military personnel, and since February of last year more than 9,000 tons of humanitarian aid have been delivered. picked up and delivered.

Volunteers go ahead!

In October last year, students of secondary vocational education institutions joined the All-Russian Mutual Assistance Action #MYVMESTE. The Russian movement of children and youth “Movement of the First”, the Russian Federation of Schools (RCC) supported the youth initiative and together they launched the #MyRideby project. In their free time, the guys sew outerwear for the Russian military: thermal underwear, sweatshirts, sleeping bags and other things necessary at the front. Now 17,400 students from 716 schools in 66 regions of the country are already included in the sewing project. As part of the #MyNearby project, almost 32,000 items of clothing were produced, as well as almost 94,000 units of other items (stoves to warm soldiers in trenches, backpacks, camouflage coats, first aid kit bags).


Photo: Dmitry POLUKHIN

Since the beginning of partial mobilization, more than three hundred thousand families of servicemen and mobilized have received support from volunteers of the All-Russian Mutual Aid Action #MYVMESTE since the beginning of partial mobilization. Almost 80 thousand families are welcomed under the patronage: volunteers help them regularly.


Sergei Kiriyenko, First Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation:

“The result of the work of the volunteers is not measured in pieces, rubles or thousands of tons of humanitarian aid. It is measured by the lives saved, the faith in people, the main feeling that in our country, no matter how difficult it is, they will not leave you alone, because there will always be supportive people nearby. Priceless. Thanks to the work of volunteers, this feeling is transmitted to a large number of people. After all, the mission of the movement is “#WE-

TOGETHER so that no one is left alone. And one more important thing: thanks to volunteers, millions of people in our country have had the opportunity to contribute to the common cause”.

Photo: Dmitry POLUKHIN

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