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Thursday, June 8, 2023
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Soloist “Na-Na” Vladimir Politov revealed the truth about the tragedy with his daughter

Date: June 8, 2023 Time: 11:40:28

The 22-year-old daughter, Alena Politova, is in intensive care for drug poisoning.

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Na-Na soloist Vladimir Politov found out on the plane that his 22-year-old daughter Alena was in intensive care for drug poisoning. The singer had hardly arrived in Moscow when his phone began to burst with calls. A few hours ago, the artist was finally able to see the heiress and learn the truth about her state of health.

Vladimir Politov’s daughter was urgently hospitalized the day before and fell asleep with drugs. A day later, Alena’s condition stabilized. She was taken off the ventilator and brought out of a coma.

“She has come to her senses, but still in intensive care. It is not yet known when she will be released,” the singer said. The girl is under close medical supervision.

The musician managed to talk to his daughter and find out what happened. “The dose of pills was exceeded by mistake. There were not 20 pieces,” StarHit quoted the 52-year-old soloist from the group Na-Na.

Alena actually takes antidepressants on the recommendation of a psychiatrist. They were prescribed a few months ago.

Recall that Alena was born in the first marriage of the soloist of the Na-Na group. After the breakup, the singer’s ex-wife took her daughter to India. Then they moved to Germany. The girl’s mother did not forbid Politov to see the girl. Now the musician’s heiress is married and lives in Moscow in an apartment bought by her famous father.

He gets along well with the current chosen one of the star mother Olga, who, by the way, is 24 years younger than him. “I got to them, I met them, we drank wine, we sat down. But she never positioned herself as a girlfriend. I did not perceive her as a person who is on a par with me. This is my dad’s wife. and she treats her very kindly “-said Alena.

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