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Wednesday, March 22, 2023
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Sovremennik denied rumors about the dismissal of Leah Akhedzhakova

Date: March 22, 2023 Time: 22:45:57

Scandals have dogged Leah Akhedzhakova in recent years.


According to the official version, The Gin Game with Leah Akhedzhakova was removed from the Sovremennik repertoire at the request of “angry people who write letters” to the theater director.

It doesn’t seem to be surprising. Scandals have plagued Leah Akhedzhakova in recent years. In the summer of 2021, “Officers of Russia” wrote a complaint against her for saying words from the stage that denigrated the memory of the veterans of the Great Patriotic War (this was in the play “First Bread”) … She expressed openly supporting Ukraine, he said much more, so they removed his performances with his participation from the stage of the state theater.

However, as Sovremennik told us, the director’s office is full of letters, including those in support of Akhedzhakova. The authors of the messages consider her a wonderful actress who has her own audience that loves her, regardless of her statements… “How can an 84-year-old actress be removed from the theater stage, where she has been performing for almost half a century?” Akhedzhakova’s fans are outraged.

Theater director Yuri Kravets refuses to comment on the situation in general and the presence of letters from both fans and “angry people” in particular. We call him, he doesn’t want to talk. He did not name the reason for the removal of “The Gin Game.” Such an absurd silence seems strange. After all, at least something could be said, for example, “Gin Game” is an old performance, tickets sell poorly (although, in fact, they sell well) … But Kravets is silent as a fish.

Although Liya Medzhidovna barely restrains herself, she says she hasn’t yet decided how to proceed: request her resignation. Or vice versa… “Let them suffer! Let them tolerate me in Sovremennik even without papers!

Theater critic from St. Petersburg, dean of the theater department of RGISI Evgenia Tropp wrote a letter to Sovremennik. Surprisingly, Evgenia Tropp received an answer (there is a screenshot on her page on the social network). But the answer came not from the director (!) Of the theater, which would be logical, but from his secretary, a certain Sofya Kostygova, who writes: “… have a little patience, everything will be fine.” Leah Akhedzhakova was not fired. She is a full time stage actress. “We respect, value and protect Liya Medzhidovna,” wrote Sofya Kostygova, the director’s secretary. Although it is unlikely that the dean of the faculty turned to her …

In fact, Akhedzhakova works in the state, the theater continues to pay her salary. In addition, she receives a pension from the state, with all the allowances she amounts to about 60 thousand rubles, and maybe more …

Recall that at the beginning of February, all productions with the participation of Leah Akhedzhakova left the Sovremennik repertoire. The last was the play “The Gin Game”. There were no new proposals for the actress.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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