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Star of “Avatar” and “Guardians of the Galaxy” Zoe Saldana: “I learned to hit people thanks to ballet!”

Date: June 17, 2024 Time: 04:19:57

Zoe Saldana was not very lucky because she did not appear in her most famous paintings in her natural form.


Zoe Saldana is in luck: she is the only actress to have starred in three of the highest-grossing films in cinema history. These are Avatar, Avengers: Endgame, and Avatar: The Water Path. In general, films with her participation (and this is also three series of “Guardians of the Galaxy”) have collected more than $ 14 billion at the box office. This is VERY good: She’s second only to Scarlett Johansson, Robert Downey Jr., and Samuel L. Jackson on the list of top-grossing actors (all three rose to the top in The Avengers and other Marvel movies).

Zoe Saldana was not very lucky, because in kind she did not appear in her most famous paintings. In The Avengers, her heroine Gamora, the daughter of the villain Thanos, was a green alien, and in Avatars, she was even a cartoon Neytiri from the Na’vi tribe. Of course, there are many other images from which you can get an idea of ​​her appearance. The Star Trek trilogy produced by Luc Besson Columbiana, Netflix’s Project Adam… But for the general public it will continue to be a stranger.

Shot from the movie “Guardians of the Galaxy 3”


Zoe is 3/4 Dominican and 1/4 Puerto Rican. At the same time, she was born in the US state of New Jersey and lived in New York until she was nine years old (she is bilingual, she speaks Spanish and English equally). Then a tragedy happened: her father died in an accident. Zoe and her sisters were sent by her mother to the Dominican Republic to live with her late father’s family. And she herself, “like a laser”, in the words of a journalist, concentrated on making money to give girls a good education. She soon remarried, and Zoya and her sisters had a stepfather, whom they gradually began to treat as their own.

At a private Dominican school, the girls, however, were harassed. First, because they grew up in a completely different American culture. And secondly, Zoya’s butt and gait (which later drive men crazy) caused almost screams when she was a schoolgirl. “I have a peculiar way of walking. And even now, when I am preparing for the role and imagine how the heroine will move, I remember how she walked then … “

Still from the movie “Star Trek: Retribution”

Her gait did not interfere with her passion for dancing. Moreover, it was they who helped to cope with complaints. Zoe became seriously involved in ballet and modern dance, and now she says that thanks to this, she later played action movies with ease. “Ballet is the reason I can beat people! In general, she disciplined me a lot, taught me to focus, to easily experience disappointment. Your skin is getting thicker. You can’t feel sorry for yourself. Well, I mean, you regret it, but after an hour you have to stop; otherwise, it will close all possibilities for you.

And the possibilities are great. Returning to New York, she began playing with the Faces theater company (“Faces”), and in 2000 made her film debut, starring in the film “Proscenium”; she played a young ballerina there. Then there were the youth films “Virus of Love” and “Crossroads” (the latter was remembered only because Britney Spears became Zoe’s partner), a small role in the first “Pirates of the Caribbean” …

But the real breakthrough came in 2009, when Star Trek and Avatar came out one after the other. The first movie was based on the hit TV series, of which Zoe had never seen a single frame; It’s good that her mother was a fan of Star Trek, and she explained everything to her. And when she was invited to audition for Avatar, she was first announced that she would have to play “something between a warrior princess and a robot.” The script was not shown. Zoe herself was forced to make various movements in front of the camera, which she thought corresponded to the image of a robot princess in an alien jungle. Then, finally, they took pity on the girl and gave her a thick script, ordering to read it in three hours (they were trembling about this script as a secret weapon, they were afraid that the details of the plot would leak out to the people). press). Zoe mastered it in six hours. And only after James Cameron saw the recordings of her with her participation, he deigned to meet her personally. Well, the rest is history: Avatar became the highest grossing movie in Hollywood and Saldana became a supernova superstar.

Screenshot from the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean”


Now, Zoya Saldana has three more Avatars in her projects (Avatar-3 has already been filmed and will be released in 2025, Avatar-4, presumably in 2029, and Avatar-5, in 2031). But overall, she now seems to be more engrossed in film projects than raising her children. In 2013, Zoe married Italian Marco Perego, a former soccer player turned artist. (It’s interesting that the previous relationship, with actor Keith Britton, lasted 11 years, but the wedding never ended, and she jumped on Marco after a few months of dating.) In November 2014 they had twins, in February 2017 their third child. They are all trilingual: they speak Spanish, English and Italian.

Zoe admits that she hated diapering babies from the start (“I’d Do Anything to Help It”), but other than that, she seems to be a good mother. Her parties with her become a nightmare for the rest of the guests, as she talks almost exclusively about her boys. During one such visit, she and her husband were forced to retire to talk freely about Sai, Bowie and Zen (yes, that’s the children’s names). In an interview, she can’t brag about how handsome her boys are. By the way, they are already watching films with her participation (“You are my mother, but you are also Gamora!” Said the youngest of the children, six-year-old Zen, recently). And, according to Zoe, she makes them treat her mom with more respect!

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