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Wednesday, July 17, 2024
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Star Wars: Uspenskaya filed a lawsuit against Kirkorov for the word “beggar”, and Sukhankina and Gulkina hated each other for many years.

Date: July 17, 2024 Time: 16:20:19

A new scandal has erupted in the world of show business: Natalia Gulkina filed a lawsuit against former colleague of the Mirage group Margarita Sukhankina for the phrases she said in an interview with Alena Zhigalova for her YouTube show “Alena, damn it! ” Among the statements mentioned in the lawsuit: “women who are weak at the front”, “a kaleidoscope of men”, “she really likes to communicate with men who are much younger… and there were only boys there.” Gulkina, 60, demands to refute information that discredits her honor, dignity and business reputation, as well as recover compensation for moral damage in the amount of almost 6 million rubles from 60-year-old Sukhanova. In response, Margarita claimed that she was only telling the truth, commenting on statements from an interview with Natalia, which she previously gave, and, by the way, also with Alena Zhigalova. The court is currently studying the documents. And we decided to remind other celebrities who are at odds.

Philip Kirkorov and Lyubov Uspenskaya

Another pair of stars whose conflict has reached the legal level is 57-year-old Kirkorov and 70-year-old Uspenskaya. It all started in 2023, when Lyubov Zalmanovna gave an interview to Alena Zhigalova. Along the way, the stars will soon begin to cautiously approach Alena’s studio. In that conversation, the “silicon scandal” associated with the famous surgeon Timur Khaidarov was actively discussed. Recall that in July 2023, singer Slava announced that a media doctor had mutilated her breasts, then she was joined by Lyubov Uspenskaya, who was also unhappy with the result of Khaidarov’s plastic surgery, and several dozen other ordinary women… Gohar Avetisyan took the side of Timur, Instasamka and his close friend Philip Kirkorov. By the way, the king of pop also went under the knife for Khaidarov, but he liked everything. Lyubov Zalmanovna emotionally answered all the questions, including those about Philip. As a result, she called him a “misogynist,” a “faker,” and said that he lies all the time. Kirkorov’s lawyer Dobrovinsky collected all the unpleasant phrases and drew up a lawsuit, which he filed with the Zamoskvoretsky court for 10 million rubles. At first Ouspenskaya did not react at all, and then the star was summoned to court…

At the same time, Philip himself did not remain silent for long either and “led” his colleague in an interview for a well-known music channel, which aired in May 2024. Kirkorov called Uspenskaya a “beggar” and said that she was “begging for gifts.” Upon learning of this, the singer first sent a pre-trial claim to the King of Pop, demanding that he refute the false information within ten days. Otherwise, he will go to court. After the deadline, Philip Bedrosovich did not respond to the request. As a result, Uspenskaya’s lawyer Elena Senina filed a lawsuit – also for 10 million rubles. At the same time, Senina noted that Lyubov Zalmanovna did not want to be involved in all this and considers claims for such amounts at such a time to be unacceptable, but she was forced to…

Recently, Kirkorov’s lawyer Dobrovinsky said that the court rejected Uspenskaya’s claim. However, Senina denied this information and explained that they were simply transferred to another court.

It should also be added that producer Joseph Prigogine tried to reconcile the sworn enemies, but to no avail. A new hearing on Kirkorov’s suit is scheduled for the end of July.

Relatives of Dmitry Shepelev and Zhanna Friske

Zhanna Friske with her family

Photo: Personal page of the hero of the post on the social network.

Relations between Zhanna Friske’s common-law husband Dmitry Shepelev and her family began to deteriorate during the period when the singer fell ill. Recall that Zhanna had a rare brain tumor – glioblastoma, which she unsuccessfully tried to cure for several years. And after the death of the star (the singer died on June 15, 2015 – Ed.), a real war began. The bone of contention was the star’s son Plato. Recently, in an interview with KP.RU, the singer’s father Vladimir Friske said that almost immediately after Zhanna’s funeral, Shepelev’s mother said that the singer’s relatives would no longer see Plato. At first, Dmitry allowed the star’s parents and sister Natalya to see the boy from time to time, but then he canceled these meetings as well. Perhaps one of the reasons for this decision was the constant scandals between the presenter and Friske’s father. At one time, Dmitry even hired security guards who accompanied him everywhere. In 2016, Vladimir Borisovich tried to sue Shepelev to determine the procedure for communicating with his grandson, but to no avail. The last time the parents of the deceased Zhanna saw their grandson was when he was just over two years old. We remind you that this year the boy turned 11 years old.

However, the disagreements did not end there. It is known that even during her illness, Rusfond helped raise money for Zhanna’s treatment. And when the star of “Brilliant” passed away, it turned out that much more money was transferred to her account than was spent on treatment. Then Rusfond demanded to return the balance (more than 21 million rubles), but for some reason it was not on the card. As a result, a new scandal broke out in 2017. And the bailiffs collected money from Zhanna’s relatives.

“The bailiffs wanted to put Zhanna’s apartment up for sale. In the end I sold everything I could. But we kept those apartments. But Shepelev didn’t pay a single cent, although he had access to the missing funds. As a result, my lawyer suggested that he transfer Plato’s share in his daughter’s apartment to us as payment for the debt. He understood perfectly well that if he had covered the debt with Rusfond, he would have paid more. And I haven’t seen Shepelev himself for a hundred years,” Vladimir Friske said in a recent interview with KP.RU.

According to Vladimir Borisovich, they specifically saved the star’s apartment in order to pass it on to their grandson in the future. Jeanne’s relatives hope that when Plato grows up, he himself will show a desire to communicate with his relatives. In the meantime, the boy is being raised by his own father, Dmitry Shepelev. Let us add that Dmitry has a common-law wife, designer Ekaterina Tulupova. In 2021, the couple had a son, Tikhon.

Vasilisa Volodina and Larisa Guzeeva

A few years ago, the show “Let’s Get Married!” It was hard to imagine without its permanent hosts Vasilisa Volodina, Larisa Guzeeva and Larisa Guzeeva. But in 2020, after 13 years of work, Volodina unexpectedly left the talk show. For several years the astrologer kept silent about the reason for her departure and only at the end of 2023 she revealed the truth. It turns out that her co-host Larisa Guzeeva contributed to Vasilisa not returning to the show. Volodina spoke openly about this in an interview with Laura Dzhugelia.

“I didn’t want to leave there, I asked for a vacation. I know that Larisa specifically put forward the condition that I would not return to the show. At first, I couldn’t imagine that someone would be in such special conditions. Filming will take place in two weeks, but not in the same format. That is, in many ways it was her decision. She is an influential person, the star of this show. And this is her decision. That is why I said then that I did not ask to choose them, I was choosing between my own health and fame, fame, popularity. And I made my choice in favor of life,” Volodina shared.

In the same conversation, the astrologer spoke about Guzeeva’s difficult character.

“To present such a show, you need to be able to stir emotions in the audience, to touch a nerve so that they react. I think it was her strategy of directing the show that made it successful. Otherwise, everything is soft and fluffy. But only the details of life allow us to talk about people. She is not the simplest person in real life,” Vasilisa said.

Today, Volodina, 50, swims freely. Guzeeva, 65, and Syabitova, 62, continue to host the “Let’s Get Married!” show together.

Olga Buzova and Ksenia Borodina

Buzova and Borodina did not like each other even at the time when they both hosted the reality show “House 2” on TNT. Olga and Ksenia never openly clashed, but there was always tension. Then the presenters came up with another joint project – “Borodin vs. Buzova”. And in December 2020, TNT closed the show “House 2”, and the project moved to the “U” channel. Olga Buzova, a devotee of TNT, left the project and remained on her native TV channel. But Ksenia Borodina chose a reality show, the popularity of which, however, soon fell. Three years later, Ksenia left the project, as she announced on social networks.

For a long time, Borodina and Buzova quietly disliked each other, but in 2022 they entered into an open skirmish on social networks. During an online dispute, it became clear that a conflict had long since arisen between the TV presenters.

Answering subscribers’ questions, Olga said that Ksenia spread all sorts of unpleasant rumors behind her back.

“In 17 years of work, I have not heard a single bad word from Ksyusha to her face. Only behind your eyes, only behind your back, and also on social networks. But it is her choice. Everyone lives as they see fit,” Buzova shared.

Olga also added that her colleague offended her when she started hosting “House 2” with her ex-lover Dava, although she knew how worried Buzova was about breaking up with Manukyan. Ksenia, of course, also did not remain silent and shared her version of events. According to Borodina, Buzova left the reality show in exchange for a new project, but Ksyusha herself found out about this after the fact. Olya told her something completely different.

“You said, yes, okay, let’s go to the “Yu” channel. You ran to the general producers behind my back and said that you were leaving “Dom-2” for the sake of a new show! No one is against it, we have to move forward, but not over our heads!” Ksenia wrote on social networks.

At the same time, Borodina said that she never became friends with Buzova, as their concepts of friendship are different.

“Friendship with you means looking into your mouth 24/7 and telling you how wonderful you are, singing your songs and praises at the same time. For me, friendship is different. Despite this, nothing prevented me from talking to you for hours about the divorce, supporting you, giving you advice, helping you. You didn’t even send an SMS about my divorce,” Ksenia said.

Since then, Borodina, 41, and Buzova, 38, have not communicated or crossed paths even at social events.


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