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Thursday, June 1, 2023
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Stars whose lives were ruined by scandals: what vices and diseases brought Udovichenko, Svetlichnaya and Nikolaev

Date: June 1, 2023 Time: 18:55:52

Larisa Udovichenko

Photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

The stars try to hide unpleasant stories with their participation. But sometimes the scale of the emergency does not allow it. We talk about the consequences of the most prominent and current scandals involving famous actors.

How the Sadalsky fight led to resuscitation

Stas Sadalsky, 71, spent a day in intensive care this week. An ambulance took the honored artist to the Botkin hospital, where he was hospitalized with internal bleeding in the intensive care unit. Doctors saved Sadalsky’s life, and in a week he will go on tour. But the situation was serious: pressure drop, sharp pains; It turned out that it was internal bleeding. According to the artist, a number of problems provoked bleeding: taking blood thinners, as well as lemon and ginger (but this was his whole life before him), as well as serious experiences. For a month, Sadalsky has lived at the epicenter of a scandal that he himself generated.

First, Stanislav Yuryevich, in an interview and on social networks, surrounded the director of the Lenkom Theater: he accused him of having a second citizenship; Mark Varshaver denied this fact to KP.RU. And the fact that Varshaver “expelled” actress Alexandra Zakharova from Lenkom (her father from her, Mark Zakharov, headed the theater for more than 40 years). Sadalsky hinted that this gossip was introduced to him by Lenkom’s actress Tatyana Kravchenko. The theater officially responded: “Alexandra Markovna continues not only to act in the performances of The Cherry Orchard and The Marriage of Figaro, but she also receives quite a decent salary of 158,000 rubles a month. In addition, she receives a pension and a monthly allowance of 30,000 as a People’s Artist of the Russian Federation. Then no one encroached on the status and financial position of the famous actress. Unless Sadalsky himself and publications spreading lies. The theater is forced to file a lawsuit for these facts.

Stanislav Sadalsky

Photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

Lenkom’s lawsuit against Sadalsky will be for defamation. The second libel suit against Sadalsky is filed by the People’s Artist (the star of the “Matchmakers” series) Tatyana Kravchenko. Recently, Kravchenko has been working part-time on the private performance “The Highlights of the Season” – she and Sadalsky play the main roles in the production. In January, Kravchenko did not come to play this production in St. Petersburg, at the last moment they found a replacement for her. Sadalsky was furious: he hinted at Kravchenko’s absence due to alcohol problems. Tatyana Kravchenko told KP.RU that she is suing Sadalsky: “What Sadalsky said about our theater is a monstrous lie. What he says about me is vile and insulting nonsense. It is also not true that the performance was interrupted because of me. There was no fault. They brought another actress in my place. I am suing Sadalsky for defamation.” Tatyana Eduardovna claimed that she refused to go on the same stage with Sadalsky because he was spreading lies about the Lenkom Theater and its director. He also did not say anything about the dismissal of Zakharova, since the actress works in the theater. Kravchenko is determined to punish Sadalsky. But Stanislav Yuryevich does not lose optimism: as soon as he got out of intensive care and picked up the phone, he began to joke that he ended up in the hospital due to the “witchcraft” of ex-girlfriend Tatyana Kravchenko. Sadalsky is not afraid of the courts (not the first time), but the artist does not want to part with money: slander is often punishable by a fine of up to 500 thousand rubles.

How Udovichenko became an “alcoholic”

In late 2022, 67-year-old Larisa Udovichenko fell so badly that she suffered a compression fracture of her spine. The People’s Artist is recovering and preparing to return to shooting in series and on stage with private performances at the end of February. True, the other day Udovichenko experienced a serious emotional shock. The ex-husband of actress Gennady Bolgarin, with whom she divorced more than 20 years ago and did not communicate, came to a talk show and disgraced the star (for a small fee). The Bulgarian broadcast from TV screens to the whole country: “he fell at home, fell unsuccessfully. They called an ambulance, helped him and took him to the hospital. With Larisa, this is not the first time. When she drinks, she is drawn to feats: turning on a light bulb, hanging a picture … ”Udovichenko was so upset by this slander that he cried for several days; his colleagues and friends say this. Larisa Ivanovna is persuaded to sue for libel, while he is still considering drawing attention to herself, because then she will be talked about even more often in scandalous TV broadcasts.

The ex-husband’s performance forced Udovichenko to tell the details of the state of emergency: she fell again in November on the set, they immediately underwent an operation. Even before the New Year holidays, the actress was at home: she walks on her own, wears a special corset, does special exercises: she recovers and goes to work at the end of February. Larisa Ivanovna was diagnosed with osteoporosis several years ago, she tried to be careful: she was afraid to stumble, she wore comfortable shoes outside of work… But she stumbled and fractured. Udovichenko said: “My fall led to the fact that my spine became stronger, I joke that now I am an iron lady and I am not afraid of anything.”

Svetlana Svetlichnaya

Photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

How Svetlichnaya made her diagnosis

82-year-old Svetlana Svetlichnaya recently again made everyone talk about her state of health. Once again, the honored actress was hospitalized two months ago. At the same time, information appeared that Svetlana Afanasyevna was placed in a psychiatric hospital, where she was to stay. We immediately called the daughter-in-law of the actress Olga Kalimbet: “she has been sick for a long time. There is no extreme condition. She periodically improves, when she gets worse, we turn to the doctors. Relatives confirmed to us the hospitalization of Svetlana Svetlichnaya, but denied the reports that the star was taken to a psychiatric hospital, where she will stay.

As we learned: in January 2023, Svetlana Svetlichnaya continues to receive treatment in the hospital. Relatives say that she is on the mend: age, pressure, selection of new pills, treatment of the effects of chronic sores. The granddaughter and daughter-in-law carry packages to the hospital.

For the past year, Svetlichnaya has been in the hospital once every three months. She is often diagnosed with dementia. The honored artist herself provoked this when, in the fall of 2021, she staged her disappearance with TV people: Svetlana Afanasyevna so reliably “disguised” herself by turning off her phone that not only relatives, but also volunteers were looking for a person. elderly. Svetlichnaya sat in a hotel (TV people rented the room) and “resurrected” on the set of a talk show: where she got what she missed: bouquets, compliments, communication with colleagues, and she herself complained of a boring life and relatives Many lost communication during the pandemic, but not to the same extent … After the TV show, Svetlichnaya was called to the investigator: she had to explain why she hid her location from her own son. On the show, Svetlana Afanasievna looked great, but the broadcast revealed such features of the artist as distrust, her obsession with getting out of her comfortable apartment. Then the star’s colleagues suggested that Svetlichnaya had dementia. After this staging, the son of actress Alexei Ivashov was so offended by his mother that he exploded: “She has dementia!” However, later the artist’s relatives calmed down and refused to confirm this diagnosis. Svetlichnaya’s granddaughter assures that her grandmother does not have a diagnosis of dementia, she simply cannot remember all the past events of hers. The daughter-in-law claims that Svetlichnaya, due to her age, may not remember something, but she recognizes everyone: “She is adequate, she walks, she is friendly …” As soon as the doctors allow it, Svetlichnaya will go home, where she recently She lived with a nurse who controlled her taking pills, her diet, and helped her with daily life. And Svetlichnaya’s daughter-in-law, granddaughter or son came in turn with groceries and cooked food. However, the artist’s colleagues gossip: Svetlana Afanasievna believes that she is 41 years old, so she has to deal with specialists not only in gymnastics, but also in cognitive rehabilitation.

valery nikolaev

Photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

How Nikolaev lost a lot of money

57-year-old Valery Nikolaev in February 2023 will go on stage in a private production after a year-long break in work – the actor is going on tour. Over the past seven years, the “bourgeois of Russian cinema” has experienced: peritonitis and surgery, treatment in a special clinic for addictions, consultations with a psychiatrist; and also caused several drunken accidents and was deprived of a driver’s license until September 2022. However, he did not wait for this date: in February 2022, Nikolaev was arrested driving without a license, the court sent the star to serve a 15-day administrative detention in a special detention center. There the actor behaved strangely: he barked, laughed, undressed. Nikolaev was hospitalized with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder (mental illness) and, by court decision, was sent for treatment. Nikolaev did not object: he received medical treatment and returned to his wife and son.

But there was no work left: the last collapse was strong. Nikolaev did not attend the rehearsals of the show “Dancing with the Stars”, disappointing his partner and leaving the project in February 2022. The producers are again afraid to contact him. A month ago, Valery Nikolaev gave his first interview: he said that he got out with the help of friends and relatives. The actor says that the problems began in 2016 after the death of his father: he developed a depression and did not immediately go to the doctors … that’s why there were breakdowns. Nikolaev assures that now the problems are behind him: he practices a lot of sports, he is full of ideas and a desire to work. The actor expects to receive interesting offers: “Again they try to ask you to play what you have already done many times: apathy appears. And I want something more, more to open me up. As a result, you go out there and become best friends on the couch…”

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