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Tuesday, March 21, 2023
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State Duma deputy Shkolkina proposed to tighten the requirements for KXan markets 36 Daily News

Date: March 21, 2023 Time: 17:40:20

The deputy explained in conversation with journalists that it was about strengthening the responsibility of the markets, in particular, with regard to the delivery times of the goods.

“Along with this, I would also consider the conditions for such markets to work with their suppliers of goods,” Shkolkina noted. She explained that they receive resources for “exorbitant and not always clear” fines imposed on them by the administration of said sites. It is tangible to its participants.

The regulatory changes are especially relevant given the growth in sales through marketplaces due to the coronavirus pandemic. But the problem is that when making a purchase, a person does not see the product, and in the best case it is based on the opinions of other buyers about it, said the parliamentarian. According to her, recently there have been difficulties in meeting delivery deadlines.

It should be noted that the marketplace is an electronic platform for the sale of goods over the Internet, which accumulates offers from companies and individual entrepreneurs. This is more relevant for those sellers who do not have the opportunity to actively drive traffic to their online store, maintain their performance, stock products and logistics on their own. Such sites attract consumers with benefits, the opportunity to buy everything they need immediately and receive delivery to their homes or to the nearest delivery point of goods.

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
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