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Thursday, July 18, 2024
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State traffic inspection: car drivers are allowed to drive all-terrain vehicles and snowmobiles – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Date: July 18, 2024 Time: 04:46:18

Let’s remember the history of the problem. On April 1, amendments to the road safety law, as well as the law on self-propelled vehicles, came into force. Initially, these amendments were supposed to allow all holders of category “A” licenses to drive all-terrain vehicles, all-terrain vehicles and snowmobiles. That is, motorcycle license. Furthermore, regardless of whether or not they have a tractor permit, which until then allowed them to drive all-terrain vehicles and snowmobiles.

For drivers of all other categories, the “B1” subcategory opens automatically, but with some restrictions. That is, landing of the vehicle and control of this vehicle. But at the same time, it became possible to operate such equipment if you have a vehicle rental contract.

But in the process of making the laws, something went wrong. And in the end, they came out in an edition that allows owners of the “B” category on their driving license to also receive a full “B1” subcategory without restrictions. That is, without putting the letters AS on the license, which prohibited the operation of said equipment when landing on a motorcycle.

But the law is above regulations. Alexander Shumsky, director of the Probok.net think tank, was the first to draw attention to this nuance. He attempted to change his restricted rights to unrestricted rights. Which was denied.

He then contacted the Ministry of the Interior. And the police department explained to the capital’s traffic police that Shumsky was right. And since he has no medical contraindications to operating such equipment, then he should be granted a new unrestricted license under the “B1” subcategory.

However, other drivers still received restricted licenses. Even if they have medical certificates that allow them to drive motorcycles and ATVs.

And now the General Directorate of Road Safety of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation has given an explanation that says this clearly. Upon presentation of a medical report confirming the absence of restrictions for categories “A”, “M” and subcategories “A1” and “B1”, driver’s licenses for category “B” and subcategory “B1” are issued. issued without the restrictive mark “AS”.

That is, having received the open category “B1”, drivers of passenger cars can also drive tractor vehicles of category “A”. That is, those same all-terrain vehicles and snowmobiles. And now, following clarification from the central administration, it is unlikely that drivers will be denied such extensive rights.

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Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
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