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Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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Statements about Galkin *, Pugacheva and Sobchak turned into a huge scandal.

Date: February 28, 2024 Time: 19:44:53

Maxim Galkin* had been planning to leave Russia for a long time


The other day, actress Tatyana Vasilyeva, known for her patriotic stance, gave a touching interview to Vyacheslav Manucharov. The artists discussed not only personal moments from life, but also talked about colleagues. So, Tatyana Georgievna spoke quite harshly about the foreign agent Maxim Galkin *, his wife Alla Pugacheva and the TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak. However, Vasilyeva’s direct and honest statements suddenly caused a scandal.

It began with the fact that Tatyana Vasilyeva called Ksenia Sobchak a “witch” and stated that she refused to go to an interview with the wife of Konstantin Bogomolov, even for money. “Who is Sobchak at all? A witch! There is nothing human about her. She is ruthless, she does not love anyone, neither the country nor the people. But she loves herself and takes advantage of those who worship her. I I refused to go to her to talk, because she is unpleasant to me. She is the devil disguised as a sweet and beautiful girl,” the actress told Vyacheslav Manucharov.

And then the artist switched to the foreign agent Maxim Galkin. She said that the day before emigration, while recording a show with her, the showman “went all the time on the set to drink somewhere” and offered him, but Vasilyeva, according to her, refused: “I have mine “. And in general, the comedian turned out, in her words, to be a “bastard”, because he had long wanted to escape from Russia.

After that, he spoke harshly about the wife of the artist Alla Pugacheva. “I never thought she was smart. She’s incredibly talented, there’s no other like her and there won’t be. But she’s stupid. Why did she go there? Because of Galkin*? She has some kind of spouse. Of course… I’m sorry for her. She buried her talent, buried herself … “- the actress is sure.

Galkin did not remain silent. He replied to the actress: “At first she has a bad memory,” wrote the comedian.

After that, the foreign agent recalled the millions invested in the village of Gryaz and mentioned the account abroad, which contained “only 30 thousand dollars.” For many Russians, this is a lot of money.

And while the outraged citizens fired the showman, actress Maria Mironova suddenly appeared in the comments. She accused Vasilyeva of exaggeration. As, after the death of her mother, actress Ekaterina Gradova, “this woman ran through all channels”, talking about Gradova’s fiction for money.

Following Galkin and Mironova, Sobchak also spoke out. He noted that he never offered Vasilyeva money for an interview. On the contrary, it was the actress who demanded a reward.

“Six months ago, our producer really invited Tatyana for an interview, to which her confidant announced that “Tatyana Vasilyeva gives interviews only for money. The standard fee is 300 thousand rubles”. But now I’m ready to pay, Tatyana! What if for an additional 100 thousand you tell me that Maxim Galkin is also a “Warlock”? – asked Sobchak.

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