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Thursday, March 23, 2023
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Stocked up on makeup? Read how long it will be possible to use all this

Date: March 23, 2023 Time: 01:25:36

This text is useful to everyone who has a lot of cosmetics and part with them with great difficulty.

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And now, on the bedside tables and cabinets, bottles of perfume, palettes of shadows and blushes, jars of creams and tonal foundations, lipstick and mascara are gathering dust, waiting in the wings. How long will they remain usable? Let’s try to figure it out.

Spirits in any concentration are long-lived. Yes, formally, the expiration date is indicated on the perfume packaging, but this is a legal requirement. In fact, perfumes and eau de parfum will continue to be used for many years. If you don’t believe me, ask perfume collectors: their collections contain pieces that are several decades old.

The exception is natural perfumes that are water or oil based instead of alcohol and bottles with a frosted or screw cap (also called splash bottles). In the latter case, the liquid often comes into contact with oxygen, which distorts the composition of the perfume.

For owners of a large number of perfumes, the main thing is to observe the conditions for the proper storage of perfumes. It must be a cool place where ultraviolet rays do not fall and where there will be no temperature difference.

This is a vulnerable category of cosmetics, tied to an expiration date. Once the container is opened, creams, serums, and emulsions can be stored for no more than one year, and less if the product is positioned as organic or natural. Be sure to look for the icon on the bottle or tube with the image of an opened can and the number of months you can use the opened product.

Try to choose products whose texture you will not touch with your fingers, while at the same time populating it with bacteria. These are bottles with a pipette or with a pump dispenser. In the latter case, the texture is not yet in contact with oxygen, which can lead to distortion of the formula.

Foundations, concealers, concealers, liquid bronzers, and blushes: These makeup products are not suitable for long-term use, and if stored improperly, they may not even reach their expiration date. Products based on water and oil signal a malfunction when layering the texture in two phases (you probably remember the cases when water was first poured out of a bottle with a liquid foundation and only then a pigmented texture).

The base of lipstick formulas in creamy and dense textures are waxes and oils. There is no water there. Thanks to this composition, these funds are quite well stored, but, unfortunately, they are not eternal either. Under the influence of oxygen, lipids are oxidized, and the first sign of “unhealthy” lipstick is a rancid smell.

Good news: powdery textures will please you for a long time. Most dry eye shadows, blushes, bronzers, and highlighters are compressed powder. They do not contain water, which means that bacteria cannot multiply in them. There are no oils in there either, so the chances of it going rancid are also small.

However, even here, certain rules cannot be avoided.

— Write the texture with a brush and regularly clean and sanitize the brushes themselves.

– If you are used to applying makeup with your fingers, first treat your hands with a disinfectant and let it dry.

– Store powder products in a dry place (not in the bathroom), close the lid of the palette tightly.

A constantly opening/closing mask tube is an ideal breeding ground for microorganisms. Therefore, according to the recommendations of dermatologists, the mascara should be changed every three months. This makeup tool is the one that is most in contact with the mucosa of the eyes and, if the texture is full of bacteria, it can cause eye infections.

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