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Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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Strange Things Happened at the Funeral of Pierre Narcisse

Date: May 31, 2023 Time: 17:15:10

In Moscow, Pierre Narcisse died. He was laid to rest in quiet and calm service. Fans traveled from all over the country to attend, and the coffin was made of ash and oak for aesthetic appreciation. The “chocolate hare” on silks and velvet his relatives created brought peace to everyone’s mind. There were some peculiarities, though.

Pierre Narcisse’s ex-wife was arrested for tampering with his body after Postimees’ intervention and performing strange manipulations on it. In addition, she put incense and holy water in the coffin for several tens of thousands of rubles. After that, she put a cross on a celebrity.

A cotton coffin meant for a 45-year-old singer was found by police in the local seaport with roses all around it. The mourners went to pay their respects while ethnic music played loudly. Everyone sobbed to the sound of cheerful music.

Pierre’s ex-wife and 16-year-old daughter (the musician’s daughter from a secret marriage) shared profound sadness when their father passed away. Ksenia Green burst into tears.

Narciso died in Cameroon, and Pierre’s body was shipped to Africa for burial. His mother wanted it this way, but Pierre’s father didn’t.

Kevin Kennedy
Kevin Kennedy
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