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Tuesday, March 28, 2023
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Strategic failure or preparation for a coup? Why Zelensky dismissed the commander of the military operation in Donbass

Date: March 28, 2023 Time: 08:52:27

Big bets were placed on Moskalev in kyiv. Now they will bet on someone else. Photo: Frame of the video


Born in 1973 in Western Ukraine. He served in the army, graduated from a military school and academy. There was a platoon commander, a company, a battalion. In 2012, he commanded a training tank regiment, then became the head of the combat training department, deputy commander of the operational command “North”. And after all, the chief of staff. And on March 15, 2022, he was appointed commander of Operation Joint Forces.

Judging by the fact that in two extreme positions, Moskalev managed to snatch two very sick orders: Bogdan Khmelnitsky (“for personal courage and heroism shown in defending the territorial integrity of Ukraine”), had a good reputation in Kiev .

True, informed people say that when he was preparing the award documents in the office of the President of Ukraine, the general was jokingly or seriously advised to somehow change his last name: they knew that the population of those cities and towns from Donbass where his troops committed atrocities, he hates him fiercely. Because once, when his fighter hesitated, the general tore the machine gun out of her hands and personally showed how to kill civilians.

In March, admonishing Moskalev for the position of Commander of the Joint Forces Operation, Zelensky expressed his firm belief that the general would “keep Donbass.”

But in Donbass, a difficult situation has developed for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The Russian army advances, the encirclement around Artemovsk is reduced.


It is quite clear that a military leader of such a “scale” as Moskalev is not removed from his post if he successfully carries out a defense or offensive. And this brought the situation in Artemovsk (the central stronghold in that sector) to a critical situation. The situation is leading to the collapse of the Ukrainian defense front (or even to the formation of a huge “Bakhmut cauldron”, in which up to 40,000 servicemen and teroboronets can be found). Hence the nickname “Bakhmutsky Paulus”, hopes were pinned on him, hoo, and everything failed.


So far the name of the new appointee is unknown.

But the range of possible candidates is clear. There is a rumor that Zelensky allegedly offered to take this position to the commander of the ground forces, General Alexander Syrsky. But he considered such a move as a downgrade and refused.

The name of General Sergei Naev also flashes (now he leads the group on the border with Belarus). But it seems that he doesn’t feel like taking an “enforcement” position either.

Kiev rumor predicts that instead of Moskalev “some gray general, to whom Zelensky will not regret complaining and hanging all the dogs on him.” Perhaps such an unfortunate person finds himself in the bowels of the Ministry of Defense or the General Staff. Soon we will know the name of this unfortunate…


During his presidency, Zelensky has removed or demoted more than 25 generals in all of Ukraine’s law enforcement agencies. It is clear that all these people hold grudges. Therefore, today in Kyiv people are whispering about the military opposition and even about the military coup.

So what? And this cannot be ruled out.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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