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Saturday, April 1, 2023
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SUEK’s immediate plans include record investments – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Date: April 1, 2023 Time: 17:44:32

At the end of 2022, the company once again confirmed its status as one of the keys to the Siberian economy in terms of a number of indicators: its participation in the fuel and energy complex, the payment of taxes to budgets in all levels and number of jobs

Siberian Coal Energy Company now provides a quarter of all annual coal production in Russia. It is also one of the main producers of heat and electricity. Last year, in the regions of the Siberian Federal District, the share of coal-fired generation increased by almost 14 percent: water shortages led to a decrease in generation at hydroelectric power plants. SUEK coal miners were ready for this challenge and increased production, showing an all-time record in the Krasnoyarsk Territory – more than 34 million tons of solid fuel.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the region’s energy security depends on SUEK. After all, it provides fuel for all key regional thermal power plants and power plants of state districts – the main objects of housing and communal services. In the conditions of the Siberian climate, their uninterrupted work is a vital issue.

– The company makes a significant contribution to the development of the coal industry. Most of the coal production in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, which is 68.9 percent, is occupied by the Borodinsky MI Shchadov open pit, the Berezovsky open pit and the Nazarovsky open pit. Last year was very successful for Krasnoyarsk SUEK companies. They have reached the highest production volumes in recent decades, having produced almost 40 percent more than in 2021, Alexander Ananiev, Minister of Industry, Energy, Housing and Communal Services of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, told RG.

This year, by the way, SUEK’s regional companies continue to show high work rates. To date, they have produced a total of more than 5 million tons of coal. This is about 15 percent more than in the same period in 2022.

SUEK is one of the key participants in the KIP Yenisei Siberia. This, we recall, is a super project uniting the Krasnoyarsk Territory, Tuva and Khakassia. Dozens of investment business plans in all leading industries, the total planned investments of which exceed two trillion rubles.

The plans of the coal miners are presented on a large scale in Khakassia. This, in particular, is a project for the further development of the processing plant, as well as an increase in coal production at the Chernogorsky open pit.

In the Krasnoyarsk Territory, SUEK has serious investment plans for this year. They are planned at the level of 4 billion rubles. There are two main directions of investment: modernization of production and ecology.

The company has made significant advances in technological security issues. Last year, SUEK faced shortages of some foreign components. But it has its own repair divisions, merged into a single service company in 2022. Now coal miners can stock up on scarce parts. In addition, comply with the requests of other interested structures.

Photo: JSC “SUEK-Krasnoyarsk”

Andrey Fedorov, General Director of JSC SUEK-Krasnoyarsk:

– We are building a large work of modern facilities for the treatment of quarry water. A high-tech closed-loop treatment complex has already been built at the Berezovsky open pit. Next in line are Borodinsky and Nazarovsky. Other important projects include the continuation of the reconstruction of mining operations at the Borodinsky open pit and an increase in the efficiency of the complex for deep processing of coal at the Berezovsky open pit. Our companies continue to supply fuel to power plants, thermal power plants, and residential and community services on a constant basis. Coal production and shipment volumes remain steadily high.

Direct speech

Maxim Basov, General Director of JSC SUEK:

– SUEK has built up a large capacity reserve, and thoughtful strategy and management allow us to be ready for any market turn. In previous years and now, these processes are actively continuing. The company has modernized its mining, processing and logistics facilities, and the current program for the development of service and support units gives confidence that our companies will have equipment and spare parts. In addition, they will be able to supply them to external clients.


In 2022, SUEK ranked 39th in the list of the best employers in Russia among the largest companies. Compared to 2021, the company was able to improve its results by 12 positions. And in the industry “Energy, production and processing of raw materials”, SUEK is among the top 3 employers.

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