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Monday, October 2, 2023
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Summer therapy in the “Sea of ​​Music”: live sound, haute cuisine and night oceanarium

Date: October 2, 2023 Time: 08:21:37

In the unique Sea of ​​Music space, every Friday night will be an unforgettable emotional experience. Together with the project team, we have collected five recipes for the summer mood.

Perhaps, it is in the summer that Moscow most clearly confirms that this city never sleeps and is ready to give a charge of vivid emotions to everyone. Here, any outing is a special experience, be it a concert, a walk in the park or watching the sunset on the embankment of the Moscow River.

A mix of live music and haute cuisine in the atmosphere of a night oceanarium is offered by the Sea of ​​​​Music project. To get started, decide which of the five emotional states is closest to you and click the button to select. And we’ll tell you which artist to listen to, which dishes to order, and which position to pay attention to on the bar list.

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We do not want and we do not know how to be sad. But psychologists are sure that you should not try to avoid this feeling, because it is the one that helps to understand what hurts us and what we need to move on in life. Fleeing from melancholy is fleeing from life itself. Sometimes it’s normal to sink into a state of mild sadness, nostalgia, even sad memories. The main thing is to learn how to do it correctly: comfortably, carefully, smoothly.

Some people need to get behind the wheel of a new premium car to experience this feeling, and someone needs a candy bar. Someone likes to walk barefoot on the grass, and someone gets aesthetic pleasure from a well-served dish. Find what makes you feel good.

Have you been dreaming of a new promising position for so long? Or maybe you wanted to climb to the highest floor in the city of Moscow and look at the capital from a height of almost 400 meters? And now the dream has come true. A smile on the face, in the soul – quiet joy and serene bliss. The delight that we experience at the time of a long-awaited (or, conversely, completely unexpected, but very pleasant) event.

This is your usual state if you lead an active lifestyle and have no problem dancing until dawn or suddenly deciding to master the flyboard. Summer is the best time for small or large experiments and the most dynamic actions. You just need to get excited.

The boost of the state of energy is common for those people who lead a healthy lifestyle and spend lunchtime not on the Internet, but in the nearest park. Your alarm clock doesn’t go off in the morning, when it’s time to get up, but at night, when it’s time to go to bed. Your best adviser is an inner voice, your favorite vacation is a party with friends.

You will be able to enjoy the mysterious glow of the night aquarium to the sounds of jazz, funk, soul, pop-rock, electronics, try gourmet dishes, taste items from the author’s cocktail and wine list in the “Sea of ​​Music” every Friday. . There are different categories of tickets for different moods, and each of them includes admission to the aquarium’s night exhibition, which is often inaccessible to visitors. The unique space Sea of ​​​​Music is located inside the Moskvarium building (VDNKh, Prospect Mira, 119, building 23).

You can get acquainted with all the events of “Sea of ​​​​Music” on the website and in the social networks of the project – Telegram and VK


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Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor is a full-time editor for ePrimefeed covering sports and movie news.

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