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Sunday, October 1, 2023
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Surface Lab Art Gallery will present an exhibition on the connection between man and nature in Gorky Park

Date: October 1, 2023 Time: 17:43:56

On April 20, at the Gorky Park Museum, the Surface Lab Art gallery will open the Inhale exhibition dedicated to the beauty of nature and its connection with the emotional and mental states of a person. The project will bring together 14 art objects by artists Alexey Osin, Asya Zaslavskaya, Valeria Isyak, Katya Alagich, Lev Efimov, Simkha Brankovich.

According to the organizers of the exhibition, natural landscapes, abstract or figurative, suddenly become the embodiment of those feelings and impulses that people themselves are not capable of expressing. Sometimes even a word-free dialogue with the sky, the sea or a flower gives much more than many conversations with people. That is why the calm beauty of nature becomes a source of inspiration for artists, designers, architects.

The “VDOKH” exhibition presents works by Lev Efimov, Asya Zaslavskaya, Katya Alagich, Valeria Isyak, Simkha Brankovich and Alexei Osin. You can visit the exhibition until April 30. Admission is for a single museum ticket. You can buy it from the link.

Earlier, Yandex Plus announced the Spring Plus Dacha program in Gorky Park. The first events in the new space for all seasons will begin on April 15. More details – here.

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
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