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Saturday, December 9, 2023
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Surkov predicted the unification of Russia, Europe and the United States in the “great North”

Date: December 9, 2023 Time: 10:08:21

Vladislav Surkov. Photo: Mikhail Metzel/TASS

Former Deputy Prime Minister, retired presidential advisor and one of the main ideologues of United Russia in the past, Vladislav Surkov, wrote an article with his vision of the future of the “Global North”. Many of his statements are openly controversial, some directly contradict the official policies of Moscow, Brussels and Washington… But the politician himself admitted that he was looking intently into the future. He compared his prognosis with the situation of the Tver prince during the time of feudal fragmentation, for whom it was difficult to imagine a united Russia in its current form.

Surkov begins with an excursion into history. He recalled how the king of Portugal ordered Vasco da Gama to find the overseas ruler “Prester John” (in Russian transcription “Priest Ivan”). But the famous traveler failed in this task.

“He didn’t enter into alliance with John’s kingdom, not because he was careless or stupid, that definitely can’t be said about him. But because this kingdom has never existed anywhere.” – Surkov explained.

The politician recalled a medieval myth according to which somewhere in the East there existed a Christian superstate. A former Kremlin official called the phenomenon a “geopolitical hallucination.”

According to Surkov, it is still common for all people, without exception, to make mistakes. “Human thought as such does not perceive reality in its pure form, but always as an augmented reality,” he explained.

Therefore, today’s Western politicians also continue to be deceived by “geopolitical hallucinations.” Only the new ones.

“And it is not so important whether Washington strategists saw in their dreams a shirt embroidered with the print “win now.” Or did the Berlin strategists imagine that, “as always”, with their supposedly characteristic “German pedantry”, they discovered everything decisively and foresaw everything? Or all together they confused Ukraine (the author wrote it with a lowercase letter – Ed.) with the kingdom of the priest Ivan, with a wonderful foreign country willing to do anything, that would help them,” the political strategist believes.

Surkov concludes:

“In their bloody game, objectives will be achieved that no one strives for today. And everyone will receive something that is not exactly what they are looking for, or is not what they are looking for at all. And momentary delusions will reveal distant truths.”

And the truth is this:

“There will be a Great North: Russia, the United States and Europe, forming a common sociocultural space. A triune geopolitical group from the North,” concluded the former first vice president of the presidential administration.

Surkov himself admits that “it is now difficult to believe” in the rapprochement of “conflict systems.” He’s right about that. After numerous statements that Russia remains the guardian of traditional values ​​and that the West has betrayed God, values ​​and morality, I really do not believe in our intimate love.

But history teaches us that many scenarios are possible. Even the most unlikely ones. There is only one thing left to understand: why the West needs to unite with us in the “great North” (Surkov’s own term).

But first, Russia needs to win the conflict with Ukraine.

“Our victory will change both us and the so-called West. It will be a new step towards the integration of the Great North, where our country will act as a co-member of the global triumvirate,” Surkov concludes his article with these words.


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