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Friday, June 14, 2024
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“Surrounded by the former!”: At Rublev’s party, Kirkorov encountered a rejuvenated Rasputin and Aziza

Date: June 14, 2024 Time: 17:47:55

Anika has had a fruitful year. Anika Kerimova photo archive

About the recent pictures of the anniversary of Philip Kirkorov, when the artist celebrated his 55th birthday in the Kremlin Palace, the star designer Anika Kerimova conjured.

The “Russian Monica Belucci” (as Anika is called because of her resemblance to a Hollywood diva) had a fruitful year this year: the designer developed stage images for Masha Rasputina, Natasha Koroleva, Aziza and for Lyuba Uspenskaya.

Almost all of the above-mentioned artists came to the Kerimova fashion house not only with flowers and gifts, but also with songs.

Masha Rasputina, rejuvenated and strengthened, even arranged a small comic skirmish with her colleague Natasha Koroleva.

Designer Anika Kerimova called star clients to a banquet. Anika Kerimova photo archive

– Natasha, well, come here, to the stage, – Rasputin turned to his colleague.

“I don’t want to pull the blanket over myself,” the Queen faltered.

– You will never pull my clothes. It’s very heavy and big,” laughed Rasputina. – Natasha and I lived next door and we were all friends, – taking Natasha up on stage, the singer explained to the guests.

“And then you ran away,” said the Queen.

– Well, I ran away because I got married, – Masha spread her hands.

– Returns. We have a good community! -The Queen called her friend to visit her.

“I’ll be right back, Natalie,” Rasputina promised.

Masha Rasputina rejuvenated and built. Anika Kerimova photo archive

And, of course, the guests said a lot of kind words to the birthday girl. She knows how to make truly stellar outfits.

“Such bright people would not come to a bad person,” Philip Kirkorov noted, noting his former lovers among the guests – Aziza and Masha Rasputin. – Tell me who your friend is. And I’ll tell you who you are. Judging by the reckless fun that reigns here, one can judge what a wonderful birthday girl we have. I wish you the main thing you have… No, not a muse. Music! You must have beautiful music that gives you the opportunity to create, that admires you, the king of pop congratulated his beloved designer.

Remember: even before meeting with his only, but already ex-wife Alla Pugacheva, Kirkorov made a marriage proposal first to Azize, then to Masha Rasputina.

– Philip took me to his house, introduced me to his mother, she baked very tasty pies. Kirkorov reassured me: “Don’t worry about your figure, you are slim, you can bake!”.

About the recent pictures of the anniversary of Philip Kirkorov, when the artist celebrated his 55th birthday in the Kremlin Palace, the star designer Anika Kerimova conjured. Anika Kerimova photo archive

I felt good with him: Philip is witty, kind. In 1990, he proposed to me. My mother, to whom she also always passed a bunch of roses, said: “Bless you!” Aziza told KP.RU.

However, they were not destined to marry. Aziza fell in love with her director Igor Malakhov.

Philip Kirkorov, in a recent broadcast on Komsomolskaya Pravda radio, confirmed an affair with the singer.

– Fell in love. Aziza hit me then. Then Masha Rasputin shot down. And Lada Dance … – Philip Kirkorov was surprised by the recognition of KP.RU.

– Oh, well, then I was 20-25 years old. And then everyone rejected me as a result. For some reason, he was obsessed with proposing to all the beautiful singers. Now I understand who he loved. She did not love them, she loved television, which showed them so beautifully that it was impossible not to fall in love,” Philip told Komsomolskaya Pravda radio.

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