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Monday, December 4, 2023
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Sustainable and digitized highways as a solution to the mobility of the future

Date: December 4, 2023 Time: 11:53:08

Sustainability, digitization and investment. These are the three premises to move towards the mobility of the future. In a world where environmental responsibility is becoming increasingly important, it is necessary to incorporate solutions that reduce the negative impact that the increase in traffic expected for the coming years can cause.

Currently, there are around one billion vehicles on the road and it is estimated that this figure will be around three billion by 2050, according to the non-profit organization Fuel Freedom Foundation. A growth that could negatively affect the planet if preventive measures are not taken to prevent it.

The harmful impact of automobiles is divided into two groups: environmental pollution, caused by the gases and other products that vehicles expel and require while driving, and acoustic pollution, caused by the noise they produce. Bearing in mind that in the specific case of Spain, and according to data from the Directorate General of Traffic (DGT), there is approximately one registered vehicle for every two inhabitants, the effects derived from transport can have a great impact.

But it is not only cars that disturb the environment or the ecosystem in some way, the same thing happens with the construction of roads or highways. “All of this can produce significant alterations and even transform the relief and structure of the landscape, altering the climate, fauna and flora of that area, with its corresponding negative repercussion on human beings,” they warn from the DGT.

The effects derived from transport can have a great impact on the environment

Despite everything, this organization also recognizes the importance of these routes and points out that, from them, “we can perfectly determine the degree of development of a country based on their number, width and state of conservation”. “Since the days of the Roman Empire, human beings have always been concerned with building and improving land transport routes,” he adds.

A purpose that has been maintained over time and to which Abertis, one of the leading toll road management operators worldwide, is especially linked.

The company is promoting projects aimed at the new challenges of mobility, such as the preparation of highways for electric, connected or autonomous vehicles. “These high-quality roads, which will be a reality in the next decade, will present real-time information on traffic, anticipating incidents and reducing accidents,” they point out from Abertis.

Sustainable management of the infrastructures of the future

In order to continue advancing in the field of mobility and build more sustainable and environmentally friendly networks, Europe’s commitment has now focused on ensuring that society moves with zero emissions and in a digitized and safe environment.

“At Abertis we believe in defining a new mobility model that must be sustainable from an environmental, social and economic point of view. Thus, we advocate a unified and clear model for all of Spain that ensures decarbonized and decongested mobility, aligned with that of other neighboring European countries”, he defends.

Working in line with the milestones set by the 2030 Agenda and to meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), the operator is taking advantage of new technologies and smart engineering (Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, etc.) to improve the management of road infrastructures and be prepared to deal with the mobility of the future.

The goal is for society to move with zero emissions and in a digitized and safe environment

“Digitalization is a factor that is changing the mobility paradigm,” reports Abertis, who gives as an example the increase in interoperability between services and devices or the increase in electronic transactions. “We believe that the mobility of the future must be fair, green, well-structured and connected, which allows compliance with the European Green Deal and promotes an inclusive, modern and progressive society”, she defends.

However, in order to achieve decarbonisation and for the latest technology to spread along the road and motorway network, the investment commitment of all the actors involved, both public and private, is needed.

“Getting society to move with zero emissions and in a digitized and safe environment requires great efforts and involvement from all the countries of the world, as well as the participation of all political, economic and social agents”, points out the highway operator, that is made available to the Administrations to build this model. “We offer our experience and know-how to adapt the infrastructures to the challenge of decarbonization”, she transfers.

Abertis’s contribution to the motorway of the future

Road infrastructures and new technologies converge at Abertis, with the ambition of turning the group into a benchmark platform to guarantee safer, smarter and more sustainable mobility.

The group has Abertis Mobility Services, a business line that seeks to respond to mobility as a service (MaaS), with the aim of becoming a pioneer in mobility focused on different types of customers: administrations and road operations (B2A) , vehicle fleet companies (B2B) and citizens.

Abertis works with the ambition of becoming a reference in the mobility of the future

Likewise, it leads innovation in the digitization of toll road payment methods and promotes mobility solutions with the implementation of barrier-free toll projects in many countries.

“In a global world that presents more and more challenges in terms of mobility, Abertis wants to be part of the solution to the problems associated with the increase in world traffic”, concludes the group, aware that it constitutes a key pillar in responding to the mobility needs of today and tomorrow.

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