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Thursday, March 23, 2023
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Svetlana Morgunova’s relatives for the first time told from whom she gave birth to her only child.

Date: March 23, 2023 Time: 01:31:29

Six months after the death of her son, Svetlana Mikhailovna suffered a stroke

The Soviet TV superstar, who introduced viewers to the program guide, hosted Blue Light and other popular shows, will celebrate his 83rd birthday on March 7. In recent years, Svetlana Morgunova has led a closed lifestyle: she disappeared from the screens at “zero”, and since 2020 she has completely stopped appearing in public due to a terrible tragedy – the death of the only child of she.

Maxim Morgunov died on May 19, 2020 due to complications caused by the coronavirus. The heir to the People’s Artist was 52 years old, he left a wife and daughter. Since then, the once-brilliant TV host has become a recluse: she doesn’t go anywhere in her house, she doesn’t answer calls from friends and family, and if she does answer, she hardly recognizes anyone.

Six months after the death of her son, Svetlana Mikhailovna suffered a stroke, which affected her speech and coordination of movements. However, in an interview with Andrei Malakhov, the announcer could not refuse: on the eve of her birthday, the artist herself appeared on Malakhov’s talk show. However, she did not come to the studio: the presenter had to record the conversation with Morgunova at her house.

Svetlana Morgunova on the Malakhov show. Photo: freeze frame of the program.

This appearance on the screens of a celebrity was the first in the last 15 years. For filming, Morgunova painted her lips, put on a wig, dark glasses and an elegant satin blouse. However, it did not escape the attention of the audience that Svetlana Mikhailovna could hardly move and speak.

– That’s how it happened …, – drawing out the words, the TV presenter spoke about the death of her son. – It’s a nightmare for me. It was, is and always will be. For me, Maxim is everything, he was a beautiful and incredible son. I adored him all my life. Very hard. And now I don’t want anything, nothing… I’m just going to the cemetery.

Seeing the changed Svetlana Morgunova, the guests present in the studio could not hold back their tears. “This is a monstrous tragedy, I don’t understand how he could bear it,” the presenter Anna Shatilova admitted.

Now Svetlana Morgunova has the support of those closest to her – her daughter-in-law and her only granddaughter. By the way, it was to them that Andrey Malakhov asked a question about the father of the only child of a TV star, whom he carefully concealed from the very beginning. There were even rumors that Morgunova gave birth to a son from Muslim Magomayev, to whom Maxim was allegedly very similar.

– It isn’t true. They did not have a romance, only a strong friendship, ”said the daughter-in-law Elena Zakharova. – Maxim’s father is a completely different person, whom Svetlana Mikhailovna, by the way, loved very much. This is the only man in her life for whom she had such feelings. And his son looks a lot like him. And he had no children either with Kobzon or with Magomayev.

Morgunova herself did not reveal the name of her beloved man, noting only that her son was familiar with his father.

“Maxim knew dad very well when he was little,” added the announcer, confirming that the loved one had died.

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Puck Henry
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